Where to Find Importers of Surgical Instruments

Surgical instruments are the tools that provide the surgeons the ability to perform their skill and expertise in the care of their patients during surgery. These instruments must be guaranteed to meet the surgeons specifications of excellent quality and performance.

If you are looking for importers of instruments that are excellent in quality and performance. Use this list as your guide.

According to importersnet.com

“The International Directory of Importers Medical, Hospital and Surgical Equipment and Supplies Importers. An All New Revised 2008 Edition is the only publication of its kind.

It is supplied in a convenient, hard cover ring binder filled with detailed information carefully compiled by the publishers through extensive use of questionnaires sent to each company listed in the directory. The data gathered includes complete names and addresses; name of contact person; email address; year established; number of employees; telephone and fax numbers, bank reference, as well as a listing of medical, hospital & surgical equipment & supplies currently being imported. In addition, the directory features a comprehensive classified section where importers are listed by products.”

Importers.net goes on to say: “the International Directory of Medical, Hospital & Surgical Equipment & Supplies Importers has been especially designed and complied for manufactures, exporters and trading firms who wish to expand overseas sales. The directory features essential business information not available elsewhere, including details of over 5.000 importing firms in numerous countries.”

Using this All New Revised 2008 Edition of the International Directory of Medical, Hospital & Surgical Equipment and Supplies Importers Guide you will be able to gain access to information all over the world. This information is available in:

Printed Edition 2008, US $295:00

CD – ROM Version: 2008, US $ 295:00

Both Printed & CD – ROM Versions: US $ 345:00

All prices include insured worldwide airmail delivery.

Price also includes a free one year subscription access to the export-leads internet site.

All major credit cards accepted.

For more information contact:

importers net.com

1741 Kekamek





Medical Importers, Surgical Importers

Medical Importers, Surgical Importers provides a directory designed to give you global access to 4,900 importers from 141 countries to use your services.

The directory is chock full of an importers data base that is updated on an annual basis.

This directory is presented as a printed 3 ring binder and in a CD- ROM version.

The information includes medical supplies and equipment, surgical instruments and much more. The importers information includes.

Name and address

Primary contact person

Telephone number

Fax number

List of up to 8 products to buy

E-mail address when provided

Web-site address when provided

Price: Printed copy US $295:00

C-D ROM US $ 295:00

Visit Medical Importers, Surgical Importers Directory for questions/answers information and more.

Global Services Worldwide.

Global Services Worldwide is the oldest and largest Import Export Services Company.

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No matter how skillful and experienced a surgeon is, he/she needs instruments of high quality and performance to do their best work when taking care of their patients.

This is a good guide to use to find importers of the best and finest surgical instruments.