Where is Humankind Destined to be in the Future

Zombies, vampires, the homeless, legless war veterans, women who wear dresses made of meat, and crooked politicians, all products of a society without focus. Where will humankind of this nature end up? In the future is there a world for these people and their problems, and how can this world survive? The fate of the world is in the hands of the current generation. Every generation thinks this, but this is the point in time where events need to be forestalled before the world is destroyed. As a species, humankind is tempting utter annihilation by pushing the envelope. 

Financially, the world is on the brink of collapse. When this collapse occurs rioting and violence will erupt in the streets. Army, National Guard and police forces will be overwhelmed and the entire globe will be in chaos. There will be no sides anymore. Each man will be fighting for his own families survival. Those with guns will defend their homes from bands of thieves and there will be many deaths. Fires will engulf entire communities and looting will be a means of staying alive. Martial law will be declared, but with the entirety of civilized society in financial ruin there will be chaos. Food will be the commodity when money no longer exists. Murder for a meal will be commonplace. Social programs will be cut in favor of funding warfare.

Environmentally there will be little left in raw resources, as the forests are destroyed to satisfy consumer demands, the oceans polluted, all the worlds ice melted, and mining destroying the landscape. Pollution will be so rampant that it will not be reversible. The earths carbon dioxide levels will be so high without the forests to clean the air that the atmosphere will begin to change. The animal species such as the polar bear, walrus, ptarmigan, seals, will all become extinct because of the lack of natural habitat. Humans will then move into the newly uncovered habitat and begin to destroy the landscape for mineral resources and fossil fuels. The ecosystem of the world is in danger of collapse as species disappear on a daily basis. Humans are the only creatures capable of building a world so complex and so fragile at the same time. Humans have the ability to affect every other creature on earth through poorly planned actions. Environmental protection is paved under in favor of exploiting the earths natural resources.

Bacteria is winning against humans as the viruses immunity to stronger antibiotics occurs. The more humans progress in medicine the harder diseases and viruses work to overcome that progress. Researchers are poorly funded by the same governments which preach taking care of their voters. Spending cuts are made in favor of helping war and crooked corporate activity. Healthcare is neglected as humans can no longer afford to get medical care. The population can no longer stay healthy due to lack of finances. Healthy food costs more than non-nutritious food. Healthcare and research funding are cut in favor of warfare.

The education system in America is failing to properly educate the youth. This will lead to an uneducated workforce incapable of figuring out problems related to the fields of science, medicine, the act of reading and writing and skills related to managing success. Children are deprived of proper education because school funding is cut in favor of warfare.

The entertainment industry has focused on reality television as the new social trend. Soon the reality will be watching citizens shot in the streets for revolting against a corrupt government. The concept of zombies is becoming common in the entertainment industry. The zombie is a desensitizing device for the military to adjust to controlling the masses. By killing what they believe has no heart or soul will allow the military to kill the living with the same efficiency if they are told the living represent what the zombies have been presented as. 

The present political arena is just that, an arena, much as a three ring circus. The politicians fleece the public of money in order to finance wars over raw assets and commodities. These wars are not an essential part of being human, they are antiquated ways of flexing political muscle. As barbaric as war can be it is still used as a way of settling differences, versus better ways such as reasoning and common sense. War is humankind’s way to destroy a world superior to anything created by human hands. Politics will not endure, an overthrow is imminent due to the corrupt nature of humankind’s political system. As far as the advancement of the human race, there are destined to be large casualties. Unless mankind can give up a biased monetary system, faulty governing practices and excessive consumption the species will be doomed. 

The world is overcrowded. By the time humankind figures out what to do about this problem it will be too late. In order for the planet to sustain humankind, half of the current population would have to be deceased, and then the remaining population would have to control procreation. If humankind doesn’t pay attention to how the earth is treated there will be no more humankind in the future. There needs to be an end to the disposable lifestyles in current society. Durable goods must replace defective goods and the practice of marketing must be the opposite of what it has become. Cyclical consumption is making the rich richer, but also depleting the earth and making the poor poorer, all for the sake of greed. In the future there will be no rich or poor, due to the inability to restructure the economic system there will be no one.