When your Psychiatrist is Guilty of Malpractice

Only a small percentage of psychiatrist are out of line and need be peer control, but even one out of line is too much. There are plenty of options if your psychiatrist is not what he is supposed to be, if, as an example, he gets too friendly and gives you the impression he is interested in more than in being your doctor, don’t hesitate, get out of there and do it quickly. If he has made advances and been suggestive you do not just quietly walk out the door in protest, you tell your personal doctor about the episode and see if they can help you with your claim of medical malpractice. It should not happen and unsuspecting people who trust them have enough problems without being taken advantage by these immoral psycopaths.

To be sure of your ground before you start making wild charges about him, check him out on line. If there have been other instances where he has done questionable ‘doctoring’ others will have known about it and may well have splashed it all over the net. If this happens to you, you can fairly safely say it has happened to others. Therefore if you carefully check online you may find evidence of other episodes. At least it does no harm to check on line and see if there are complaints.

There’s a likelihood, if he has just moved to your town, that he was in trouble elsewhere and moved into your neighborhood to start all over. Ask other about his reputation and inquire around. Not every thing said about doctors in general, and in psychiatrist in general can be considered true, and is usually only one person’s opinion, but there are exceptions.

You certainly don’t want to damage the reputation of an innocent person by making false claims but neither do you want to continue on working with a doctor who you believe is not what he says he is. But still, before you get yourself in trouble by ‘talking out of school’ get the dope on him. Don’t try to take care of this on your own. Get others involved such as your family, your pastor or priest and the hospital where he is allowed to work. All these people will listen carefully to your complaints. They will not want to be sued for malpractice if an incident happens at their place of business.

Then, armed with evidence go to higher authorities. If you know for a fact, as an example, that he is doing illegal things such as supplying drugs to teens and to others that should not be getting them, go to the authorities. But don’t stop there, take your case to the American Psychiatric Association. They will not condone malpractice. Do this not because you are out to get him but because you don’t want others to get hurt.