When a Loved one should see a Psychiatrist

There’s nothing shameful about seeing a psychiatrist, most people would benefit from it if the price was not too high! However, sometimes they are a must regardless of the expense: When your loved one’s behavior is disrupting their life and the lives of those around them, it is time to insist on therapy. If your husband or your wife is not being themselves, if what was once a cheerful personality has turned into one of negative thoughts and one of despair, then they need help.  

Another example: If your friend used to be clear headed and cleared headed and coherent and now show signs of mental impairment, then certainly tell themthey need help. But do it after first having her get a medical checkup; it could be her chemical inbalance is causing the disorientation. And since their regular checkup cannot find any physical reason for their bizarre behavior, then there is a good bet they are slipping into some form of a psychosis. Possibly one of a latent nature. Many women cannot make it safely through the years of menopause without some kind of mental disturbance. While it is not ‘normal’ it is, non-the-less frequent.

When you see a member of your family struggling with daily life that apparently has spiraled out of control, and when all efforts to get through to them fail, and the situation gets worse, it is time to suggest that they get help. How to do this is never easy. First you must not seem to them to be nagging.

If for instance, your sister, whom you love dearly, is neglecting her children and is running from doctor to doctor for drugs and then more drugs, you know it is time to tell her to get help. First, you may not be the one to tell her, but she will listen to her brother, then ask him to speak to her. If she does not listen and will not seek help on her own, then you and your brother will tell her bluntly the neglect of herself and her family must end.

If the children’s father is still around and is concerned work with him, if his leaving is the result of her inability to cope, at least elect his help in caring for the children. Well, whatever the situation is, there is no easy way to insist a loved see a psychiatrist but often it is necessary.

Each situation is different and it is rather ludicrous, as I now see, to try to create a situation as an example, but the one true statement in this article is it is often extremely important to seek help before it is too late. Not only for the children’s sake and the prevention of further harm. Possibly the person is suicidal and in cases like these, there is no time to waste. If restraining orders are necessary, then that may be the only way to get help. The loved one will thank you later.

What you cannot afford to do is to do nothing. Another person’s life may well depend on your concern and your action. Depending on the severity of the need of professional help you may have to get help with or without their knowledge. It is perfeclty okay to go against the iwishes of the loved one and seek advice on what to do. If you don’t do this and instead ignore your warnings that you should get help for this person and something does go wrong, then you will face terrible guilt. Then for yourself and for the loved one be there and see that they get the help they need.