What’s your Greatest Fear

What’s your greatest fear?

Fear is something that grips us, and does not let go in a hurry. We fear what the mind sometimes sees as a big problem. This may in reality be a very small problem that will be solved in time. It is important that we confront our deepest, darkest and most strongest fears. Everyone has fears. It is normal.

My greatest fear is having to be alone for the rest of my life, and living with my cat. Many people are afraid of being alone. It is human nature to gain acceptance in society by having another person to love and respect you. Unfortunately sometimes we stay alone, and it can cause a great deal of fear in us. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. The first step I have to take to combat my fear of being alone is to look at the situation as a whole and try and understand why I am so afraid of being alone for the rest of my life. Fear grips one like a dreaded disease. Loneliness can be eradicated by doing things that I love, and getting out of my comfort zone, and taking life by the horns, with my fear intact of course. Fear stems from insecurity, and can only be confronted while a person is insecure.

One of the disappointments of being alone, and trying to make friends is the fear of rejection. Dating is a long and frustrating process, and there are many disapointments along the way. People reject you constantly, and everyday that goes by reminds me of the fact that I am getting older and may be alone forever. This fear stems from the mind, and the more one thinks about it the more one magnifies the situation. The best way to confront one’s fear is to try new things, even if the fear is not totally out of the system. Change the thought processes and see the results.

My fear of being alone paralyses me, and I feel worthless. I feel as though no one loves me, and I shall end up old, ugly and lonely. I feel that I will die alone, and no one will mourn my passing. This fear of being forgotten is really scary.  We have to confront our greatest fears. I try to understand why being alone is so scary. Getting rid of this fear means that I have to be more open minded and concentrate on other areas of my life. Confronting fear calls for a high Emotional intelligence.