What to do before a Tornado Strikes

Tornadoes are never pleasant and often leave large amounts of devastation in its path. Within the heartland of the United States lies tornado alley, famous for experiencing multiple twisters annually. Although this may be a more vulnerable area, such a natural occurrence can strike at any time. It is important to be prepared and ready for anything which may happen. If the area in which you live has a tornado warning, be mindful in how you approach it. Consider the following things.


Panicking will not solve anything. If often leads people into making rash decisions which could prove harmful, so take a few deep breaths and take in the situation. The warning is there to prompt you, not to send you into a state of shock.

Find a safe place to take cover in the household

According to Ehow, the safest place someone can be during a tornado is inside. Determine the best place where you can seek cover. Stay away from the windows and avoid going near areas that have lots of loose furniture, as they are hazardous.

Store any loose items away safely

Bring everything inside. If you’ve got an outdoor suite, a barbecue, child toys, a car, find a storage place for it indoors. When tornadoes strike, even if your house is not in the direct path, loose debris can still cause a considerable amount of damage. So make sure no loose pieces are lying around.

Move indoor items away from windows

Shards of glass can go flying into furniture and other household items. Rearrange your indoor appliances away from the windows to make sure that nothing of value is directly in harms way should the storm occur.

Kit up with basic necessities and a first aid kit

If a twister strikes, it may take a while before your is reached by rescue workers. Having food and water is important for survival purposes, should your area be remote or heavily damaged. A first aid kit will be useful to treat any injuries which may arise from the tornado.

Be mindful of the signs

Tornadoes normally form when the sky is dark and still, often after large thunderstorms have just happened. Listen for any howling noises. The tornado may be coming close. Look out for the funnel cloud formation. These are usually quite visible from a distance. 

These are just a few of the precautions to consider when you’re in an area which has been issued a tornado warning.