What is Wrong with Prisons

One of the major ways the US criminal system fails is that it does not really enforce many rules itself. It is filled with criminals who are still engaging in criminal acts, just from the inside.

Also the prison systems fail to rehabilitate people, or to control their violent actions. There are countless movie scenes that show what often goes on in prisons, whether it is stealing, beating, rape or drug use.

It’s often the case that the most powerful people in prison are the ones who are the most dangerous outside of jail. These people bring their same personality and ways of doing things into a different setting.

They can still instill fear in others, and they use this skill to build up their power in the prisons. When they do not like someone, they often get their groupies to go out and take care of business.

What’s really terrible is that the guards and other prison officials are so jaded that they often turn a blind eye to such situations. They know that a lot of illegal and violent things are taking place, and do nothing about it.

It is hard for law-abiding citizens on the outside to understand how prison works. Thank goodness, it is not a situation with which we can relate.

My thoughts are that the problems in prisons have problem gone on for many, many years. It seems that some of them are due largely to the nature of the beast.

How could things go well, really, in places that are built to house those who are guilty of murder, robbing, rape and drug dealing? Seriously, when you put all of those people together, and give them chances to socialize and get to know each other, then there is bound to be some trouble.

As criminals are often highly intelligent, it is easy to see that all kinds of schemes must hatch behind prison walls. And, yet many of these people get away with it, and even learn new criminal acts while behind bars.

As a result, those who come out of prison are often more dangerous than when they entered! That is truly a problem for our society. Time and time again, the news shows stories of terrible murders that have been committed by people who have been in and out of prisons for year.

It seems that are many administrative issues with our prison system as well, along with red-tape type issues. Sadly, things get political, even in the way that our prisons are operated.

In conclusion, there are a lot of challenges with the US prison system. It’s truly a tough task to take on these various things, and at the degree to which they are a problem. Hopefully, things will eventually get better so that those who deserve to be in prison are not having an easy go of things.