What is the Robot from Japan

Robotics and artificial intelligence are two intriguing fields . Both have evolved gradually in Japan. Japanese scientists raised the curtain for a robotic toddler which merges artificial intelligence with robotics technology. It’s called CB2 or “child robot with biomemetic body”. The technology basis for this novel robot is remarkable , and it has the potential for future innovations. Their goal is to teach the robot how to walk and talk and also combine the artificial intelligence technology to mimic the toddler’s intelligence level .

CB2 (the child robot) acts like 1-2 year old child and responds to stimuli, recognizes objects and also has an advanced tactile system. The contribution of artificial intelligence play a vital role in this robot. This child robot have a quick responsive eye-movement (like a child ) in contrast with the slow motion robotic eye movement. Regular servos have been substituted with the pneumatic muscles. The systems design helps to increase the speed of movement. Some people can view this robot with curiosity and keep an open mind about the barrier breach between robotics and artificial intelligence.

Japanese have launched also a female robot. They have also introduced a robot called “land walker”. There are also companies working towards the merger of both artificial intelligence and robotics in their design and products. The robotic and artificial intelligence tech exhibition unveiled unique pioneering robots . The response and also people psychology plays a role in the development of these pioneer robots. Automobile industry is always known for robotic applications. Nanobots are also another exciting realm to be explored. Pet robots have their role of entertaining humans. Robonauts  will help humans in future space exploration in the next future decades.

The Japanese government has released a set of ethical guidelines to protect people from robots. The 60-page document’s goal is to prevent risks to humans in a world where robots will aid humans in the home for day-to-day activities like cooking, cleaning and other important activities. According to an expert with CNET news, Japan is about  3-5 years away from the usage of robots at home. Japanese government is believed to be using the science fiction writer Isaac Asimov’s basic  laws  for robots for designing the ethical  robotic standards.

Progress have been made during the last few decades. What can we foresee in the future? It’s an interesting question and thought provoking one. As long as people are eager and willing to accept the new robots and their evolution rationally , humans can find an ally in the robots. Some robots have popular style and some may be simple ones like humans. Robots may come in many shapes, sizes and have their unique style. Who knows the robotic and artificial intelligence development of the next few decades.? Someday they may evolve by having emotions. They may ask for the meaning of life and search for the elusive souls.

People can learn from the robots and robots can learn from us. Helping each other can benefit very one . Gazing into the crystal ball, artificial intelligence and robotics can evolve into new frontiers of futuristic world.