What is Marble

Nature made marble is a rock created by a metamorphism process of sediment carbonate rocks, such as limestone and dolomite rocks.  When this change occurs, a recrystallization of the original rock occurs. The marble name was created from the Greek word Marmaton which is from mármaros meaning crystalline rock or shining.    

At this stage of development, the marble rock starts to form an interlocking mosaic of carbonate crystals. The original textures and structures are destroyed or modified.       

Mable can be found in pure white, as well as other beautiful rainbow colored varieties.  The pure white is the result of metamorphism of limestone or dolomite protolith.  The colored marble is created as a result of mineral impurities deposited in the limestone from clay, salt, sand, and iron oxides.     

The green colorations found in marble are due to serpentine and high magnesium limestone impurities.  The intense heat at this stage of metamorphism puts into motion the restructure of the marble.   ,  

Mining of marble today is extracted from the deep core of the earth, which was formed many millions of years ago.  

Marbles smooth surface and its beautiful sheen, is nature’s marvelous creation. The creation of marble is a chemical process that takes millions of years’ to complete. The metamorphosis of the rocks’ compresses under the influence of heat, pressure and the chemical action mixed with liquid.

Marble has been used for hundreds of year’s in house construction, statues, gravestones, and chopping boards.  The Pure white is used for statues, while the colored is used for flooring, showers, counter-tops, and fireplace.  Marble is much desired for these uses around the world.

It takes millions of years for nature with its chemical process to create the most precious rocks and stone marble being one of them.  Then man can harvest these precious rocks and create many beautiful items.

Mable with its pure white as well as other various colors from green, pink, blues just to note a few, are sought out by consumers for their various needs.

Marble is mined from quires in the United States as well as other countries. It is shipped to distributors all over the world, and available at building supply companies as well as individuals in the business of selling building supplies.