What is a Political System

There is no universally-accepted statutory definition of the term political system but common knowledge defines it as the system of politics and governance which reside in a particular sovereign territory. It is regarded as the system through which governmental powers of taxation, eminent domain and police power are pushed for.

More so, political systems serve a pivotal role in shaping the nation and achieving prosperity through reforms and mandates.

Hence, political systems are the basic foundation of a sovereign territory’s – usually a country or a state, political landscape and governmental policies. Political systems are composed of interdependent parts and boundaries.

Interdependent parts are the sole common denominator that solidifies the existence of a political system. There are two factors that surround the political system, the government which carries certain powers and rule and the citizens which carries rights and responsibilities under any political system.

The following are the most basic types of political systems.

a) Anarchism

Anarchism is a philosophy that gives the idea of negativity in political systems. Anarchism simply relates the concept that there should be no individual or group that is worthy of leading a whole nation. It attempts to abolish the government and push for the removal of authority. The argument for such political system is that anyone who is place a top the organizational pinnacle will be tempted and eventually be devoured by the rotten, corrupt system.

By eradicating the system, there is no way to be tempted and the rule emanates directly from each and every individual.

b) Monarchy

Monarchy is a form of government wherein unlimited political power is exercised by an individual called Monarch, usually a king or a queen. A monarch has the ability to do good or bad things for his people. Hence monarchy, generally does not give equal protection to all of its citizens as governmental powers are limited to just one family.

c) Democracy

Democracy is a political system through which powers indirectly resides from the people through an exercise of the electorate process. The argument that democracy is the best form of governance relies heavily on the idea of popular mandate. People are given an equal say and voice in the process of nation building.

d) Feudalism

Feudalism is considered as one of the most dictatorial forms of governance. Feudalism is a political system which predominantly existed during the medieval times in Europe. The concept of feudalism basically roots from a weak monarchy’s attempt to remain in control by giving out lands to military leaders known as vassals. By doing so, the military leaders have put themselves in a debt of honor to the monarch.

Thus, they are expected to provide military service to the feudal lords.