What is a Dnc Procedure

DNC stands for dilation and curettage and is often a necessary procedure for a woman. The surgery widens and opens the cervix, while scraping out the contents of the uterus. DNC is used for both treatment and diagnosis of various conditions. First there is a dilation of the cervix and scraping off of part of the lining of the uterus and/or contents therein.

Ultrasound can be utilized in an DNC to turn it from blind to visualized. Visualized DNC procedures have few risks than a blind DNC because the surgeon is better able to see where he needs to scrap, so he doesn’t have to scrape the entire lining from the uterus. The only way to see directly into the uterus is through a Hysteroscopy. It is good to weigh your options before having the procedure, knowledge could keep you safe.

There are countless reasons that doctors perform the two kinds of DNC, sharp curettage DNC and suction DNC. The suction DNC is usually performed with manual or electric aspiration. A DNC can be used as a tool to either treat a problem or make a diagnosis. Some examples of reasons a surgeon would suggest you undergo a DNC are: miscarriage, elective abortion, diagnosis of cancer, removal of polyps, or bleeding after menopause.

The fact alone that a DNC is a surgical procedure leads us to better understand that there are risks, just like any surgery would carry risk. Some of the risks are: risk of death from anesthesia, post-op infection, or Asherman’s Syndrome. For more information on Asherman’s Syndrome please go to http://www.ashermans.org

After surgery it is important to watch for signs that there are complications after your surgery. Immediately after surgery you need to watch for: severe abdominal pain, discharge, fever and chills. If those symptoms are present call your doctor immediately, your fertility and life could be at risk from infection. Menstruation usually begins within 2 – 6 weeks, but ovulation may not begin that quickly. It is still important to use contraception until your doctor tells you that you are ready to conceive again. Keep an open communication with your doctor after the procedure. He will need to take you over the pathology report when it comes in.

Some say that the DNC procedure is more invasive than necessary and there are other options. It is important you research further about DNC and make a decision that is well informed. Although DNC seems invasive, it is also a tool used to save lives.

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