What Increases your Heart Rate

Raising your heart rate can have some healthy benefits as long as there are no medical problems in that area. Athletes raise their heart rates all the time. Gymnast, dancers, swimmers, hikers, bikers and walkers all have raised heart rates when they are busy with these activities. Aerobic exercise has been listed as one of the best exercises to do. This type of exercise does increase the heart rate, but in a good way that increases metabolism, increase energy and burns calories. Heart rate caused by these factors is temporary and healthy.

If you have a medical problem, such as clogged arteries, heart disease, COPD, Asthma, and heart valve problems, then an increased heart rate can be damaging and even fatal. Before you do any kind of activity or exercise that will raise your heart rate, make sure you are healthy enough to do this. Check with your physician, especially if you are elderly or have any heart or lung problems.

There are other factors that can raise your heart rate, sometimes without you knowing it is happening. Excessive emotion can cause heart palpitations, which in some cases have caused people to believe they were having a heart attack. Stress, anger, sadness and fear can cause panic attacks, which can also cause an increase in your heart rate.

Certain drugs, prescription, over the counter and illegal can cause an elevated heart rate. Depending on your medical condition and other medications you take, you should seek a doctor’s advice when adding new medications. Cocaine, alcohol, methamphetamine, ephedrine, nicotine, codeine and alcohol can all cause an increase in heart rate.

If there is a problem with the heart itself, the rate can be increased because it may be trying to pump blood ineffectively. Heart attacks, bleeding, congestive heart failure, leaky valves, and high blood pressure can cause the heart to beat faster. If there is already damage to the heart, and the rate is suddenly increased it can result in heart attack, stroke and even in some cases, death.

Boosting your metabolism is great for your body. You should always check with your doctor about your health condition before starting any new prescription or over the counter drug, before adding to your exercise program and if you feel any difference in the way your heart is beating.

Increased heart rate, without an obvious cause, can be a sign of severe damage or illness. If you have heart palpitations for no apparent reason, please seek the advice of a medical expert. There are even times when common illnesses can cause an increase in the heart rate, especially if you dehydrate, have a high fever, chills or constant pain.