What happens when Psychology Professionals Psychological Mind Tricks Family

Studies show that person cannot be tricked’ into violating their core beliefs. Even hypnosis can only go so far in getting people to do things. They will not cross the imaginary line in their minds of appropriate behavior, a core lesson of Psychology 101.

Anyone who studies psychology usually goes through a phase where they attempt to try things on their family members or ‘diagnose’ them. Usually with more learning and more practice, they realize they have let a little knowledge become a big problem and they back off. Family members of those studying psychology are probably the first to realize what’s going on. They will probably respond by telling them to cut it out.

We’ve all seen TV shows where someone takes a psychology class and then decides they can see what they’ve been learning in the lives of those around them. TV is not real and greatly exaggerates things, but this is a real phenomenon. In the end, however, it usually backfires on the person because family members are savvy enough to pick up on it and fight back.

Because psychologists live with the people, they are not as likely to look to them’ for psychological advice. In fact, family members will likely resent any attempts to manipulate them in any way. When a person enters a psychologist’s office, they are seeking help. They have come there for a specific reason, they do not know the psychologist, and they exchange money for services. When we walk into that room, we expect psychological help. When we go home, we expect them to leave us alone and work on their own problems. In the case of a person who has been systematically subjugated to another’s will, the tricks may work, but this is rare.

With family, they know you way too well to take you seriously. They will probably tell you to ‘put a sock in it’ if you begin analyzing them or trying to manipulate them in some way, except for the express purpose of having consenting fun. Manipulation doesn’t work in the long run and only brings resentment. The psychologist is taught this and recognizes it. If s/he is smart, they will recognize the destructiveness of trying things on family members and confine themselves to working with clients in a clinical setting only, with the full cooperation of their client.

Even if they genuinely want to help the family member, using psychology on them will backfire because they are too close to the family member to be objective. Just as doctors should not operate on family members, psychologists should leave their work at work and enjoy their family as dad, mom, husband, wife, … in the home.