What do Spider Dreams Signify

Spiders in dreams are a common occurrence. This may be because most of us have regular dealings with spiders in our waking life, or, because we have a basic survival instinct, gained from our distant ancestors who would have had to stay clear of poisonous arachnids. Unlocking the secrets of a spider dream, means you need to take the dream apart, and find out what the spider represents to you.

It is thought that we share a universal language of symbolism. People from all around the globe, despite their spoken language, seem to recognise particular images, or symbols, as having a similar meaning. Spiders are just one of these instantly recognisable symbols, when they appear in a dream.

Spiders are predatory creatures. They are artistic builders, who outwit their prey by casting intricate webs. They are deceptive, as their webs are often hidden, and they are hard workers, often repairing their spider webs again and again, persevering despite the odds against them. It is by looking at these truths about spiders, that we can begin to unravel spider related dreams.

# Spiderwebs

To dream of being caught in a spiders web, can mean you feel stuck in a situation, in your waking life, you don’t know how to get out of. Such a dream about being caught, can be your subconscious telling you you need to do something about your predicament, before you can rest easily.

To dream about watching a spider in a web, may mean you are aware of a sticky predicament in your daily life. There may be someone predatory around, who you should be wary of. Or, it could be you have observed an emotional trap in your life, that is to be avoided.

If you dream about spiders, happily building their webs, it may be that you are working hard in your life, building a dream, or working towards a goal. This is generally a positive dream, and if the spiders are really industrious, it may mean that you are doing especially well at work.

# Spiders in your home

Spiders probably really do live in your home, and it may just be that you spied one before falling asleep, or have an unconscious worry that a spider may crawl on you as you are pushing up zeds. We often dream about the last thing we think about before we close our eyes, especially if we give it prominence by having a strong emotion go along with it as we drift off to sleep.

Dreaming about realistically sized spiders, just minding their own business, going about their daily lives, can mean you are going to be lucky, or that your life is productive.

# Spiders in your hair

There is an urban myth about a woman who is brushing her hair, and accidentally knocks the top off of a bump on her scalp. Out of the exposed bump, crawls hundreds of tiny spiders! This myth is as widespread as universal symbolism, and literally makes peoples skin crawl.

If you dream about spiders in your hair, don’t worry, as I’m pretty sure there are none in your locks in reality. The dream signifies you are scared of having to deal with something which is personal and abhorrent to you. Your hair is an important part of you, and reveals a lot about your personal style and about how you wish the world to see you.

If hundreds of little spiders come our of your hair in a dream, perhaps you are afraid of revealing something about yourself, and of being seen in a light which isn’t to your choosing. People who like to assume control, are likely to have this dream, as it can mean being scared of letting go, and of losing a tight reign on what’s happening.

# Huge spiders

Great big spiders in your dream, or even one humongous one, can mean you are facing up to something big in your waking life, or your subconscious is calling you to at least.

# Personal experience

Each of us has personal feelings about spiders, as well as adhering to the wisdom of universal symbols. If you have had a particular experience with spiders, that once meant something to you, it could be that when you dream of spiders, you subconscious is pulling on some of that experience, in which case only you will be able to fathom what your mind is trying to tell you. if you can’t remember any particular incident which has occurred, that you associate with our eight legged friends, it’s a safe bet you can use the above meanings for dream interpretation.