What do Reptiles Eat

Noticed any slippery, slimy or scaly creatures lately? The world of reptiles is an amazing place! And if a reptile has got your ‘interest’ radar buzzing, then you have plenty to buzz about. Reptiles have amazing eating habits, and some can be pretty versatile when it comes down to ‘munchies’ time.


Is something meaty your dish of choice? It’s also small lizards, different types of snakes and even snapping turtles taste bud euphoria too. A carnivore is just another term for it. And what about all you vegetable addicts? Join the club with lizards and turtles, and the title given is herbivore. Maybe you prefer a little bit of both? Painted turtles and a few other types share a common ground with you.You omnivores, are in a category most of the human race is in.

Would you like your meat rare and kicking? Or maybe you like it setting a while in the cooker?
Reptiles have different preferences too. Snakes typically like to eat their insects, spiders, and worms alive. And sometimes they’ll even prefer a whole egg or two. Yet turtles don’t mind munching on dead or rotting animals. Are you hungry yet?


Are you predator or prey? Quite a few reptiles like to ambush their prey, practicing their ultra spy techniques and patience by remaining very still and waiting until food comes walking up. Do you like to explore the possibilities and acquire some food from the fridge?

Scavengers are reptiles too. They forage by crawling, slithering or swimming about for a late night snack. Lizards, snakes and turtles all make a run for it, when eagles,hawks,other big birds and mammals, and even other reptiles search for din-din. Turtles especially have to be careful because when they were just little eggs, bigger things were already hunting for them!


Ah the dinosaurs of our time, crocodiles and alligators use their gripping powerful jaws to clamp around larger prey and bring them to a watery grave. Snakes enjoy swallowing their meals whole, don’t you wish you could unhinge your jaw like they can? Well maybe not… few humans can claim to have that talent, but then most can’t attest to being venom-filled either.
(physically no, figuratively speaking though.. maybe…?)


Lizards love using their eyes to check out what’s on the menu today. Snakes on the other hand love to dabble in smelling their way to food victory. Licking their way to a tasty meal, because their smelling sense accommodates their flicking tongue. And some even have heat detectors, on their face, and can sense ground vibrations through their jaw bone. When the ground vibrates their ears feel it to. Sly as a snake, I’ve a sneaky suspicion where they get that from!

What will you do for a little food?

Here’s an interesting tid-bit, leather-back sea turtles can swim up to 3,100 miles to a feeding site. If I ever went that far for food, it had better be good! Whether or not you like eating eggs or insects, reptiles are fun subjects to research. It’s amazing what they’ll do to survive. I’m sure we all could do to learn a little more about the illusive and intriguing world of reptiles.