What are Igneous Rocks used for

Igneous rocks are rocks formed from volcanic eruptions that have cooled. There are many types of igneous rocks, the most commonly known being pumice, basalt, and granite. There are two types of igneous rock. Intrusive rock is rock which solidifies underneath earth’s surface. Granite is an example of this. Extrusive rock is rock which solidifies on or above earth’s surface. Both pumice and basalt are examples of this.

Pumice which is commonly a very pale color is very thin extrusive igneous rock. It is porous in nature and is used to make lightweight concrete and low density blocks. It is also used as an additive to make cement when it is added to lime to form a concrete like substance. Pumice can also be used as an abrasive, used in different types of polish, in pencil erasers, exfoliants and to make stone washed jeans. Pumice stones can also be used on feet as an exfoliant and to help get rid of calluses. It is also a mild abrasive which is used for hand soap, facial and foot scrubs and even kitchen counter cleaners.

Basalt is the most common extrusive rock found in the earth’s surface. Most of the ocean’s bottom is comprised of basalt. Because basalt is formed from volcanic eruptions, it is often found at divergent boundaries in the ocean. Basalt is used for many things. When crushed, it is used for many construction purposes. It can be used for the base of a roadway, as an aggregate of concrete, as an aggregate of asphalt, ballast for railroads, in monuments and even as thin slices of floor tile. Basalt is also rich in minerals and can be used in gems and other chemicals.

Granite, an intrusive igneous rock has many applications, many of which are found inside homes. One of the most common use for granite is in kitchen counter tops. It is also found in tile sinks, backslash and bathroom counters. Granite is also found in flooring and walls because of its high luster look.

Outside granite is found on the outside of a building, and depending on how it is used, can give the building an elegant look. In addition to giving a building a more polished look, granite is used to solidify a structure. It can also be used on driveways or patios to give them a unique look.

Another use of granite is in roadways. Granite makes a curb more durable than concrete, and they make for better appearances. Granite is also often used on gravestones because it is not only attractive, but durable.