What Aliens is Controlling Earth

Exploring the possibility of extraterrestrial races ever assuming control of the Earth

Personally, I think that, they’re here and in control already. If one wants to talk science fiction and about the possibility of aliens assuming control of Earth, one has to be very open about the possibilities of who the aliens are. How they got here is not the question, the more important question would be, would you recognize one if you saw one? But hold that thoughtand think about this first

Greater minds has theorized Mans Beginnings. One theory, says through evolution, man morphed from a one cell amoeba to what he is today. Another theory, says that Man came from a dying planetMars. Another theory along the same lines of evolution, says that man came from the ape. Which brings us to Lucy. Lucy, an Ethiopian, who goes back 3.2 million years. Learned men, says her descendants traveled north, through the Caucasus, Russia and present day China. Which helps explains the three races: the Negroids, Caucasoid and Mongoloids. Or does it? Does one really buy the theory that environment influenced the future shape of Man and that we all came from Lucy?

How about this theory, around 6,000 or 4,000 years agosometime way before Christaliens visited Earth. Presume they have been traveling for thousands of light years looking for a planet with life forms similar to themselves. Even with light speed technology they would still have taken hundreds of years to get from point A to point B, problem is, they had no idea where point B was.

They were doing the Christopher Columbus thing, wondering around the universe, looking for a habitable planet with a similar life form, knowing its there, but not quite sure where. They had the knowledge of how to sustain a long trip into space, knowning they would not see the end of the trip so they must have procreated during the journey, educating the off-springs how to finish the mission. What if it took several generations? They had no control over how they would evolve with so much time in space. With the help of robotics what kind of being do you suppose one will meet after so many generations? Some kind of intellectual, social bozo? On top of it all, it is small, hairless, with extremely large eyes, no nose (per se), spindly arms and legs, V shaped face, pasty skin (totally lacking vitamin C, toothless, Yoda looking creature. The question is, did they use to look like us so many thousands of years ago. Holy Darwinism! Was Darwin right, about the environment influencing the shape of a creature over time? But how do we know that Darwin was not an alien too? I digress.

Now suppose, four ships left the mothership to search parts of the planet to locate a bipedal life form for which they can proceed with their primary mission. It would be a one way trip as there was no fuel for the return flight. One went to the Caucasus and found a tall, fair skinned, fair haired, blue eye race. One went to China and found a race of short, wiry, tenacious, slant eyed beings. One strayed south to South America and found a dark skinned, naked, large nose, jutting chin race, into wearing a lot of feathery outfits. One crashed in Africa, with no survivors. The mother ship went on to search for other planets to save their species from extinction.

Remember, they come with highly advanced technology, equipment and intellectual knowledge, light years ahead of anything we have today. Presume, they found their DNA match, Earth’s early Man and were able to accelerate the evolution process. The ship that landed in the Caucasus, eventually produced the Egyptian pyramids, the Greek and Roman Empire. The ship that landed in the East, build more pyramids, the Forbidden City and Angkor Watt. The ship that strayed south into the South American jungles produced the Mayans, the Olmecs, more pyramids and such cities as Tikal, Palenque, Copn, Calakmul, and the lesser known Dos Pilas, Uaxactun, Altun Ha, and Bonampak, among others.

The ensuing generations became advance in all sciences, accelerating the progress of Man. Of course, in the path to excellence there will be failures and these failures were exterminated with extreme prejudice, by the thousands, on a biblical scale. Remember the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah? What about the Orks? And the Visigoths? The Atlantians? DNA mistakes? Too violent? Asked too many questions? Too stupid to comprehend the mission?

What do you think the secondary purpose of alien experimental Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mussolini, Mao and Hussein/Muslims? They were chosen and bred by the ancients to carry out genocide when an experimental race went wrong. Genocide or wars was a expedient way of making room for another and improved hybrid species? The world population then were still at a manageable level and who would miss 6, 10, 20 million people? Problem was as with each new improved race, came great advance in technology which made it harder to exterminate a generation of being without being noticed.

You think global warming is a prelude to global calamity? What about the great flood of Gilgamesh, do you believe it a natural disaster or the ancient ones way of exterminating a tainted experiment? What about the Black Death of Europe which took out about a quarter to half of the European population? Natural or planned?

Presume, we are the descendants of these alien crossbreeding and in each of us are the DNA codes to multiply and gain control of the environment, which is what we do, as ordinary earthlings. But are we at the level of intelligence the ancient ones wants us to be at or are we facing possible extermination for being among the stupidest, too illogical to comprehend what is being said by a group of aliens who are controlling the country, in this 21st century.

Another alien descendant, positioned in Germany, took this exact path of control, about 60 or 70 years ago and failed, because egomania and narcissism, got in the way. The aliens or the ancient ones had a hard time identifying this gene for extraction. Before that German alien descendant, there was one from France, a little short alien descendant, one of the throw backs, who tried to take control of Earth. Anyhow, from the looks of it, some 60 or 70 years later, they still haven’t figured out how to eliminate that personality gene. Because the earthlings has another sweet talking, narcissistic, egomaniac wanting to be King of the planet. Perhaps the ancients weren’t all that intelligent or have they become more tolerant in their old age?

The League of Nations, was a 20th century effort to gain world control. Unfortunately, it was realized that gathering a bunch of monkeys, putting them in suits, is nothing more than a well-dressed monkey. It became nothing more than ashow place to have a bitch session and nothing gets done. All they can agree on is to agree to scold the offending country and send them a nasty letter, saying so. They had no power to influence. They even had a League of Nation army, the blue helmets or berets, who were just as useless on the ground and more of them died needlessly as it had no authority to fire their weapons, at will. You don’t think that this was a first time attempt of aliens to control the world, in the 20th century?

In 2008, they took over the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives. They have taken over the treasury and printing as much money as they need to accomplish the original mission. They control the Supreme Courts, Wall Street, and the auto manufacturers. In controlling the banks and the unions, they control the loans given to businesses and students. It is particularly, interesting how they control student loans. They know the student will not be able to pay back the loan at the required time, at which time the student becomes an indentured to the government. The government will own the future graduates of America. The agent of change is positioning a pay csar who will control how much one can earn.

They are working on the re-enactment of the Fairness Doctrine Act, which will give them control of the airwaves and censorship. They will soon control the internet with a “chip” built into the next generation of computers, which will allow the government to watch what you are doing and possibly shut it down. In controlling the supreme court and its judges, they can do away with the U.S. Constitution, the Law of the Landin the mean time, they will contend with bending and interpreting it with empathy.

So far the agent of change now control the armed services. They are also working on the disarming the nation, because, it would make controlling and if need be, the extermination of a peoplewith no opposition.

Soon the agent of change will control how far you can travel in the car he is forcing you to buy and use. In it will come with a computer chip that acknowledges how far you travel, how much fuel you used, how much carbon dioxide you emited, which will tell Him how much to tax you.

Now, we are in the present, 2009. Remember, we all are descendants of these ancients and somewhere, they are watching and judging us for excellence, with their finger on the termination button. The ancient ones has seen success in China where the people are in complete control of the few and they are hoping the Americas will follow in suit.

The question is, is this what the ancients had in mind? If not, can we count on these misguided fools to be slated for extermination in the manner of Sodom and Gommorah? If not, the God(s) or the ancient ones, owes the people of Sodom and Gommorah an apology.