If you happen to be a victim of a heavy snow event and end up being trapped within your home you can do many things to keep you from becoming bored. One of which is to remove the accumulated snow from your property, including your walkway, driveway, roof and even the spot where you park your mode of transportation. That is, if you do not have a garage in which to keep it when you are not driving. Then again, I sincerely hope that you did not lose the power that your local utility provides to your home, due to the heavy snowfall event.

Like it or not, you did remove the snow from your property but it is still quite impossible for you to go anywhere because the streets are not passable for vehicle traffic. So now you are, more or less, trapped within your own home for an undetermined period of time. Because you cannot travel to work you make a call to your boss and soon discover that the place where you work is closed for the day. It is also quite likely that you also lost a day’s pay, which does depress you because you barely earn enough money to remain healthy and alive.

Being trapped within your home now provides an opportunity for you to make love to your wife or husband. You can also watch television, paying particular attention to the weather reports, in order to determine when you can safely go to work or any other place that you desire to travel to. Then again, after all of that snow removal work you might want to take a nap or listen to the radio.

If you are like me, you might want to write and publish a few more Internet web-site stories, one of which, no doubt, will be about what to do if you are snowed in. Being a person who loves to write I never get cabin fever because I have plenty to do to take my mind off of not being able to go anywhere. Having a whole lot of hobbies provides a person with the opportunity to enjoy one or more of those hobbies, like stamp collecting, reading, oil painting, making collectible items and/or surfing the net for subjects of interest.

You might even want to plan a future vacation and/or check the weather radar for a potential future snow event. Sooner or later you will get hungry and now might not be a better time to make a really nice dinner for yourself and your loved one. That is, if you are married or have a roommate.

Come to think of it, you can also clean your entire home, while you listen to music. You can also wash your cloths, if you have a washer and a dryer. That much work should keep you busy for more than a day or two. On the other hand, you might just want to have a well deserved rest and just take it easy for as long as you are trapped within your own home.