Wealth Drives Climate Change Hoax and Alarm

Looking at articles about global warming, or climate change, one begins to notice that climate change “deniers” and  “alarmists” are not addressing the same issue at all.  Deniers are concerned about losing a way of life, freedom, (even their guns), and too much governmental regulation.  At the top of their complaints is often the charge that Al Gore got rich by fear mongering.  Concentrated wealth and power, is a real concern.

On the other side of the issue, the “alarmists”, are concerned with having a cleaner and more protected, sustainable, world.  For these high, pie in the sky idealists, continuing life on earth, trumps consumer life-style. Yet, this side too, is suspicious of mega wealthy corporations and manipulating politicians, potentates and pundits.

When visiting “hoax” believers’ posts, articles and websites on the internet, it becomes quite obvious this borders on the obsessive.  Those primarily concerned about Al Gore’s wealth, or that of other “greedy” alarmists (who invented the hoax for their own personal wealth), are frequently cited. Oddly, the far more considerable wealth of the Koch brothers is not a consideration.  Nor do they seem at all irked that the wealthiest industries known are profiteering from plundering the planet.  Six of the richest corporations on earth are Gazprom, Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell, BHB Billiton, Chevron and British Petroleum.

Recently, and even more insidiously, climate researcher Dr. John Fasullo of  the National Center for Atmospheric Research, NCAR, revealed that the alarmists are not even telling the whole story about how bad things are really getting.  That is, the alarmists are slyly not alarming everyone enough! That’s alarming.

Still, isn’t it a tad bit suspicious when those corporations who could easily buy out Al Gore’s secret lair on Evil Genius Island are never mentioned?  Evil Genius Island is a fictional, fantasy island, which surely must exist.  It is foremost in the concerns of deniers who are sick to death of the vast hoax, and fear-mongering, of those who object to things like Katrina, punishing floods, fires and droughts, and of course, Hurricane Sandy.

Probably, all of these amazing special effects of the “supposed” climate change, are of course ginned up by the Hollywood liberal types, who kidnapped some Ivy league genius types to program some otherwise fuzzy thinking, hippie types.  Together they toiled, and slacked off, to create the very realistic illusion that climate change is all around us.

No doubt, this was no easy feat, as progress was slow.  What with the typical extravagant, wealth decadence of engineers with unmatched socks, their snobby, elitist vibe and pot smoke everywhere.  Still they pulled off the hoax and the results speak for themselves.  How else could one ever explain melting glaciers, highest recorded temperatures world-wide and CO2 spikes that are meticulously measured?  Very obviously, the climate change hoax being perpetrated upon America, and the world, is the greatest scam of all time.  And its special effects are AWESOME.

If it is not a hoax, well that means, following the money and oil slick presentation provided by the most profitable corporations in human history might give us news too dirty to hear.  It is probably best, for those already weary of the just beginning crisis, to hide their ostrich like heads in the tar sands.