The wintry months will soon be here and, if you haven’t done so already, then you should utilize these ways to protect your house from the wintry weather.

The first step in winterizing your house properly is in detecting the air leaks that allow an influx of cold air into your house making it feel like the North Pole. Thus, the places in your house to check for the air leaks are the windows and doors. Also make sure you check the faucets on the kitchen sink and in the bathroom.  Additional places to check in your house are the electrical and gas service entrances, cable TV and phone lines as well as the outdoor water faucet where the washer/dryer vent pass through the wall.

By checking for air leaks, you will be able to determine which weatherization product will provide a more solvent solution to the leaky air problem in your house; Caulking or weather-strip product.

You can purchase your caulking/compound product at your local home improvement dealer. If you have done a thorough assessment of the cost of this caulking compound when you were checking for those air leaks, then you shouldn’t have any problem determining how much you would need to expend toward the purchase of the items and/or quantity you will need to ensure a complete weatherization procedure is made on your house. Don’t forget when you purchase those tubes that the caulking compound comes in, you must also purchase the guns or holders which will be used to put the tubes of compound into.

If you prefer a more unconventional approach to weatherizing your home, then you might want to purchase the weather-strip product instead. Simply stated, a weather-strip product is a strip or tape-like product that you apply to the joints of windows and doors, and any other leaks where a gust of cold air will make your home feel like you’re living at the North Pole. 

Once you have purchased everything that you will need for a thorough weatherization process to be done on your house, you need to take your caulking compound and the gun or weather-strip product and go over the aforementioned places thoroughly covering those leaks. By doing so, you will begin to save on your energy bill and your home will be kept warm during those wintry months.

Finally, utilizing one of the aforementioned ways in weatherizing your house will safeguard you from those cold wintry chills. Also, they will make your home more energy-efficient and save you a bundle on your energy bill.