Water and Finance

Interconnectedness has been shown to exist around the world and through out nature. Chemistry and biology are separate fields and vastly different from physics, but now there is biophysics and biochemistry and physics is being used to explain how atoms work and create new chemical compounds. There is even a move to find a unified theory to tie everything together. Then the “Pastafarians” have now shown a positive correlation between Global Warming and the decline in Pirate numbers in the Western Hemisphere. Everything is connected!

The question then arises in these tough economic times is there a relationship between water and the financial markets? As water dries up, does money also seem to vanish? There are very few business or financial centers found in the desert, is it because of the lack of water? The most wealthy countries do seem to have plenty of water, look at the United States and Canada when compared to many places in Africa. Ethiopia and Somalia are both suffering severe droughts and drastic financial shortfalls.

Financial people like to drink, usually beer or wine. In most deserts there are very few bars or breweries, God converted water to wine, but he did require the water first. In the arid areas, water is at a premium and all the money is used up obtaining it! Does the opposite hold true? Does the more water a country has mean it will be stronger financially?

Look even within a country, places with water are stronger financially. New York City and Washington, D.C. are covered with rivers and streams and they are extremely important financial centers. Of course, Las Vegas is in a big desert, but that is where people primarily spend money rather than trade or make it. Anyone ever hear of a Las Vegas Stock exchange?

Ironically it is basically true, the more fresh water a region has, generally the more it prospers. This was probably because it made for easy transport, better agriculture and drinking. People with money moved into the area a settled because their services were now needed. It is random factors and not direct correlations. The Middle East has some very wealthy areas with no surface water at all and the polar ice caps are the largest concentration of fresh water in the planet, but no financial markets at all! Water does not control finance or vice versa!

People require water and it is shifting as the weather patterns shift. The financial markets are undergoing massive changes and conflicts. The two just happen to be occurring simultaneously, not effecting each other!