Violent Behavior Born or Raised

VIOLENT BEHAVIOR: BORN OR RAISED? When God the Creator of Heaven and Earth created the first man Adam, out of the dust of the earth, He was not created with the knowledge of good and evil. God created man in His own image after His own likeness. When he breathed into his nostril’s for the first time, Adam became a living soul.

Latter when God caused Adam to, “fall into a deep sleep,” He removed on of his ribs, closed up his incision, and created woman! Eve, the mother of all mankind, was also created in a sinless state of created perfection!

After they were expelled from the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve had Cain to become their first born. Adam and Eve both tried to raise their son to worship the Lord their God. Cain became the world’s first farmer, whereas, his brother Abel became the world’s first Sheppard.

Both brothers presented a burnt offering unto the Lord on a stone made alter. Cain, brought forth the first fruits of his labor. Able made an animal sacrifice. The Lord was well pleased with Abel’s sacrifice and accepted it. However, He rejected Cain’s offering causing Cain to become so angry with his brother that he killed him in cold blood!

Violence increased upon the earth until the Lord God became saddened with the fact that He had created humans in the first place! However, Noah was perfect in all of his generations and found favor with God. God saved Noah, his wife and his three sons from the world wide flood that destroyed all life upon the earth. While the eight people were being divinely preserved in the Ark, the windows of heaven were opened and the waters of the deep were also opened. It rained 40 days and 40 nights upon the earth!

How did violent behavior originate? When our first human parents ate of The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil, sin entered the human race’s genetic DNA code! Sinful human nature is inherited and part of the curse of mankind! Eve blamed the Serpent, and Adam blamed Eve for their fall from Grace. Although, they were living souls, they became spiritually dead, and lost the close personal relationship that they were created to enjoy in the first place. He rejected their coverings of fig leaves, and provided them clothing made up the skins of animals.

Humans are born with a fallen sinful nature! However, humans can also be raised to have violent behavior by adjusting to their environment! When I first entered Seattle Youth Center when I was 17 years old because I was a ward of the state, I grew accustomed to throwing furniture to defend myself. When my family moved into a King County Housing Project in North Seattle (the area is now referred to as Shoreline) when we were younger, we were forced to resort to violent behavior and threats to simply defend our selves!