Varicose Veins

Making healthy choices regularly in life can lower the amount of damage a person experiences from problems like varicose veins.

The circulatory system can develop more than one problem. Some circulatory problems are congenital, because they are with a person at birth. Others result from infection. However, the greatest threat to the circulatory system is the damage caused by regular wear and tear. Over the course of a lifetime, regular use begins to weaken blood vessels.

Varicose veins are very serious to the woman who has them. The condition also affects men, however the psychological reaches of the varicose veins may cause stress on women, more than men, because of the appearance issues (and imagined expectations) that are particular to females in our society. Women may feel frustrated when they seek medical attention for varicose veins and find that doctors do not match patients in their level of concern over the unsightly swollen veins.

This is because varicose veins are a superficial condition that affects the body close to the skin’s surface. This is why they are so visible. This is also why having varicose veins is not always treated with the same urgency as circulatory diseases like Phlebitis (which can be caused by varicose veins). Phlebitis occurs when blood clots and blocks circulation. Unlike the swelling of the vein wall with Phlebitis that is accompanied by water retention and pain, varicose veins are shallow veins that have become dilated or have swelled.

Varicose veins usually show up below the knee because that is where most of the wear and tear we cause our bodies occurs, with the feet being the hardest hit as far as use damage goes.

A healthy lifestyle will not only reduce the severity of varicose veins, but also reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, heart disease, aneurysms, and arteriosclerosis.

In addition to regular wear and tear, varicose veins are believed to be caused by being over weight, eating too much salt, standing or sitting in any position that restricts blood flow for long periods of time, and also scratching the legs with fingernails.

Maintaining a healthy weight, watching calories and sodium intake, and getting regular exercise are all bits of advice people have been hearing for a long time. If you reach a certain birthday and find that you are one of the unlucky women who has varicose veins, making these healthy changes is something you will want to have done in advance. The benefits to a healthy lifestyle are seen on the inside and out, especially with the appearance or absence of varicose veins.

Without a healthy body, veins fail to push blood past the weakened valves. Then blood is allowed to pool-up below the surface of the skin. A healthy life can keep women from getting varicose veins. More importantly, a lifestyle that supports the circulatory system will benefit every other system in the body as well.