Use for Shark Cartilage for Cancer

Shark Cartilage is taken from the hammerhead, and spiny dogfish sharks, and cow (bovine) and other animals then made into a powder. The protein of collagen is found in the connective tissues of skin, bone and cartilage.

Shark cartilage first became popular as a nutritional and dietary supplement.

There was a book published several years ago claiming that sharks do not get cancer, although it is now a known fact that they do. Since then there are many conflicting reports as to the true benefits of using it.

People still believe if they have cancer and use the shark cartilage it will help cure them even though there is no proof. Some doctors and many researches believe the cartilage can help inhibit the growth of tumours.

The process of a tumours growth is known as angiogenesis. Our body makes new blood vessels that feed the tumours with oxygen and nutrients. The tumours will die if the blood supply is removed. The researches believe that shark cartilage kills the development of these new blood vessels killing the tumours.

Tumour growth involves a process known as angiogenesis, in which the body creates new blood vessels to feed a tumour with oxygen and nutrients as well as remove waste. If the blood supply is removed, the tumour dies. It’s believed that shark cartilage does just that, stopping the development of new blood vessels and thereby starving the tumour.

In Dr Simone’s study he regards that the improvement in patient’s quality of life improves in more than 75 percent of patients. These patients are no longer being treated with chemotherapy or radiation, which could account for some of their improvement.

Taking Shark Cartilage

The most popular form of taking shark cartilage is an easy to swallow capsule.

It can also be taken as an enema (in the rectum), a powder, liquid or in an injection.

Shark cartilage can have side effects

Some effects can cause serious problems. Research has shown that one patient with diabetes had a low blood sugar level. It is suggested that people with liver disease should not take shark cartilage.

Some side effects are:

Diarrhoea High blood calcium levels Hand and feet swell due to fluid Tiredness and loss of appetite Indigestion Sick feeling

In conclusion, if you believe that shark cartilage is helping you then go ahead and take it. It is always advisable to speak to your doctor about any medication that your are taking. Some medications are good for some situations in one person and cause a reaction in another.

Tell your doctor what kind of tablets, capsules or medication you are taking. He cannot help you if you take it upon yourself to self medicate.