Universities for Archeology Majors

For many students, the desire to study archeology comes about after watching Harrison Ford in the “Indiana Jones” films. Going to college to become archeologists, though, entails more than the ability to crack a whip and fight bad guys. It’s a serious study of world civilizations by examining artifacts, art, architecture, language and religion. Students not only sit in a classroom and attain academic knowledge; they have the opportunity to visit sites, dig into the dirt and touch ground once walked on by our ancestors. The following is a list of three of the best universities for archeology majors.

Brown University

Brown University’s Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology & the Ancient World specializes in ancient Mediterranean, Egypt and Western Asia. Its undergraduate program includes studying two courses in Egyptian or ancient Western Asia archeology and art, two courses about Mediterranean cultures such as Greece and Rome, religion, ancient languages, environmental studies, and art and architecture.

The Joukowsky Institute’s Ph.D. program concentrates on ancient history and a focused attention on a particular culture. The institute also lets students take courses in related field, such as Egyptology, Asian studies and the history of art and architecture.

Bryn Mawr

The Bryn Mawr Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology is the first of its time in the United States, offering undergraduate and graduate programs in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern civilizations. Students get to take related courses provided by the departments of anthropology, classics, geology, history, art, and the growth and structure of cities. The department has a concentration in geoarchaeology, a course that looks at how past cultures interacted with their physical environment.

The Department of Classical and Near Eastern Archeology graduate program is part of the Graduate Group in Archeology, Classic and History of Art. The graduate Group is a conglomeration of different departments – Classical and Near Eastern Archeology; Greek, Latin and Classical Studies; and History of Art. Students get credit for taking classes in these departments.

University of Classical Studies

The Department of Classical Studies at the University of Michigan offers an undergraduate degree in classical archeology, focusing on the artifacts, sites, monuments and landscapes of Mediterranean civilizations. Students learn about Greece, Rome, Egypt and Near East civilizations, and they have the opportunity to take classes at the Kelsey Museum of Archeology Instructors use items in the museum’s collection as part of their lectures. The museum opened its doors to students, allowing them to work as volunteers.

The Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art and Archaeology (IPCAA) is an graduate program that in which students get doctoral degrees in the arts and culture of ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern civilizations. Graduate classes take place at the museum.

Life as an archaeologists may not be the stuff of movies, students who study archeology examine the past to learn how people lived, worked and socialized. The above-mentioned schools helps students learn a breadth of information about different cultures and getting to touch artifacts that set them apart and made them similar to one another.


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