Unexplained Strange Weird

Sometimes, science can explain every weird thing encountered. That picture of a ghost may have been just edited or overexposed. A UFO is just a child’s toy or some weird flying animal. Bigfoot? Just a random chimpanzee lost in the woods. All in all, that new hoax, is just that, a hoax. But, here are some unexplained phenomena that continues to boggle the minds of many.

Even science has failed to explain these weird things:

The Bloop , an ULF (ultra-low frequency) underwater sound wave that has been detected in 2007, the source of which is still unknown. The Bloop has successfully creeped out thousands of netizens upon hearing it. What could it be? Could it be some kind of undiscovered underwater monster? Is it that cosmic Lovecraftian god, Cthulhu? Or is it just an unexplained echo of a common natural phenomena? For now, the world should just wait.

Antikythera Mechanism  is an ancient analog ‘computer’ found in Europe. Some are speculating that these aren’t just used for navigation. There are still others who say that it was used to contact extraterrestrials. Whatever it was used for, this is truly one of those mysterious artifacts that needs to be studied further.

The Wow! Signal  is another weird sound, this time coming from outer space. Are we really not alone? Is there life outside our planet?

The Baltic Sea ‘Object’  is yet another speculation, pointing to extraterrestrials, as usual.

The Solway Firth Photo (1964)  shows a spaceman ‘photo-bombing’ a girl in 1964. It’s actually pretty cool. But seriously, how was this photograph even possible? Is it just another hoax?

Mary Celeste  and the fact that the cargo is still intact, including the rations, still makes the “disappearance” fascinating. How can they disappear just like that and leaving all of their necessities behind? It’s truly one for the books.

Train  and this is the third weird sound. Just what are causing these strange sounds and where are they coming from?

The 1987 Max Headroom Broadcast Intrusion  is not just a random frequency noise but an actual hijacking of the airwaves, complete with video. The fact that it’s just buzzing made it even more creepy. The follow-up video with random mutterings just ups the ‘strangeness’ ante.

Ball Lightning  is one of the cooler ‘unexplained’ stuff; ball lightnings are just that. Largish spherical lightning that are said to be leaving behind the smell of sulfur after explosion. Knowing that people always say demons smell of sulfur, just paints this “cool” phenomenon with an evil shade.

The Atacama Humanoid composition: 91% human, 9% of which remains unknown. And it’s not a hoax. Like the ancient mechanism mentioned earlier, this also needs to be studied further.

A lot of people are dying to know the truth behind these phenomena. For now, they all remain unexplained. They’re just waiting for future geniuses to uncover their secrets.