Unearthed Facts about Gemstones

Did you know there are around 4,000 known types of minerals? About 200 types of those minerals create what we know as gemstones, and are found all over the world. Gemstones are coveted for their beauty, value, and sometimes surprising functionality.

The creation of gemstones begins with the formation of the natural and solid aggregate known as rock. As anyone who’s ever taken earth science knows, there are three basic types of rock. First is igneous, which is formed through cooling and hardening of magma. Depending on how quickly the magma cools and the amount of pressure present, it has a tendency to develop crystallizations, many of which are classified as gemstones. Some gemstones that are formed from igneous rock are diamond, emerald, garnet, quartz, and topaz.  

Sedimentary rock occurs through the process of erosion and accumulation. Materials are loosened from the earth via erosion, and are then transported to another location. There, the materials make their home and over time form sedimentary rock. The more materials that settle, the more pressure is put on the lower layers of sediment. Pressure can cause a number of chemical changes to occur, and can ultimately