Understanding Iridology – Yes

I am an Iridologist and have used this technique for over 20 years to understand the condition of the body and to observe the inherent weaknesses which may lead to some disease undetected by the medical profession. I have helped many people to understand their own personal health issues. We do not name diseases as we are not Doctors. The term diagnosis is not or should not used by Iridologists in North America.

Iridology is termed as a Science in observation and an Art in the application of the interaction with clients.

My own personal reputation could be at stake here. And that is important as I have spent a long time establishing trust and have helped many people who had been unable to gain satisfaction from our medical profession. You certainly must be aware that many diagnosis there have been in error by mistake not because the profession. There is no perfection in this world.

I call to mind a woman who was my client … crying in my office, as she was so weak and felt unable to go back to work but was informed by the medical doctors that she had no cancer left in her body … therefore her option by her employer was that she would not be covered by insurance if she stayed off work. Within a few weeks she was dead… a mistake had been made … as an Iridologist I had been able to observe the serious inactivity of her body in the area where the cancer was .. I knew the mistake had been made … she wrote to me in a card : January 6, 1998 … Thanks for saving my sanity. When I come home from medical doctor’s appointments I feel very frustrated that they almost intimate that I am “putting on” feeling poorly; but when I come home from your appointments I feel, finally, someone believes me! Thank you .. She died March 9,1998.

I have been interviewed by a Geneticist with many positive comments as to how Iridology could be helpful in the diagnosis of genetic disease .

I have been called into intensive care by a Doctor to observe the iris to try to help him diagnose a problem.

I have helped terminal cancer patients be free of pain …. to the surprise of some doctors! (who acknowledge they would like to know how)

I have taught Iridology, anatomy and physiology as well as applied herbology to many health professionals over seven years of running an Academy of Natural Health. (Including many nurses, homeopathic doctors, chiMy courses were completed only after 88 weeks of intensive study. This is what is needed for anyone to be able to understand the information well enough to become professional in this area of expertise. Anything less was never acceptable.

There is nothing about Iridology that is a hoax and the only reason anyone could intimate this, would be that there is a lack of information and knowledge of the structure of the body, and of what Iridology really is. It is too bad that anyone would make a judgement call on such a helpful technique without first speaking to someone like me or reading accurate information.

I am sure that there are people out there who think they understand Iridology and make inaccurate statements and analyse the eye after taking a course for a short period of time. But this does not alter the fact that their are also good and bad in every profession and that does not make the profession wrong it makes the person who is the scammer wrong .

My hope for Iridology has been that it could be integrated into our medical profession as yet another tool to aid in the diagnosis of disease and to establish information about the patient . Not to be in competition with the doctors.