Ufos a Decade of Contact

I live and work in Las Vegas. I see people every day, sitting in front of slot machines, some praying, some rubbing lucky charms, some pleading with the gods of chance, all before pulling that handle that could change their life, and make them independent,

We have a newsman in town who is into UFOs and aliens from a whole other place than mother earth. I listened to his line of reasoning for many years. he believes that at our Nevada site, Area 51, aliens are being held, with their space craft and advanced knowledge. To be used by our government to enhance our life and keep us safe.

After many years of his reporting, I began to wonder, is it possible? I thought, no any Alien coming to our planet, would find viruses, bacteria, bad weather, volcano’s,and a verity of other malfeasants, turn around and go back where it came from. But yet, what if it were true, could I, somehow, take advantage of their being here.  I mused this thought many times, thinking of how, when and why.

I found myself thinking that it has been over 60 years since Roswell, if they were here at Area 51, they might be trusted employees by now, and if so, they might be going on some R and R and if they did, what better place then a casino for entertainment.

For years, I find myself looking for people of slight stature, covered in big coats with a funny gait when they walked.  I approach people of this M O and coming up beside them and say “Are you who I think you are and if you are, don’t you think it would be great fun, if you would point out which one of these big slot machine is going to hit.” Feeling quite a dope, but with ever hope a stringley finger would arise.

After hundreds of these encounters and many unpleasant replies, it happened, at least I think it did.  I was at my local casino. Said my usual plea.  A finger appeared out of a long coat sleeve, at least I think it was a finger, pointing to a big jackpot slot machine.  Dumbfounded, mouth agape, and frozen in my foot steps, I looked at the indicated slot and started for it in a dash. Thinking that I hadn’t said thanks, I turned and began to say my profound graditude, but the figure had gone. Hesitating a moment before turning back, to what might be the proverbial pull that would change my life, I saw a little old gray haired lady slide right in front of me into that slot machine and them, bells and whistles started blaring, people were cheering, the celebrating had begun, but I deprived of all the fun.