Types of Palm Trees in Florida

The sunshine state is a great habitat for many different types of palm trees.  Palm trees thrive in areas like Florida which hardly ever get below freezing and have hot and humid weather with lots of rain.  Even the soil in Florida is perfect for a palm tree to grow in. 

Alexander Palm

One popular palm tree in Florida is the Alexander Palm.  It can grow pretty fast at a rate of about one to three feet every year bringing it to a height of about forty to sixty feet. 

Areca Palm Tree

The Areca Palm Tree grows at a moderate rate and can grow well in partial shade.  It requires a lot of water and will grow to about twenty feet high. 

Bismarck Palm Tree

The Bismarck Palm is a very large palm tree that can grow about thirty to forty feet tall and about twenty feet wide.  The leaves of this tree are a beautiful silver-green color.  This palm will have small fragrant flowers in the late spring.

Bottle Palm Tree

The Bottle Palm Tree is a small, slow growing palm that may be grown indoors or outdoors.  This tree will only get to a height of about ten to fifteen feet and it can grow in full sun to partial shade.  It requires a moderate amount of water.  Its trunk is a little unusual in that it is bottle shaped, which gives the tree its name. 

California Fan Palm Tree

This palm tree may grow moderately fast up to about thirty to forty feet high in full sun to partial shade.  It is a beautiful tree that requires little maintenance.  The trunk of this palm is widest at the base and it has interesting blue-green leaves

Canary Island Date Palm Tree

You should plant this palm tree in full sun to partial shade.  It will grow moderately fast up to a height of about fifty feet.  This palm does not clean itself and will need regular pruning to remove any dead leaves. 

Cardboard Palm Tree

This palm looks more like a shrub and can survive either indoors or outdoors.  It will only grow to about five or ten feet tall and it is a slow grower.  This cycad will thrive in partial shade with a moderate amount of water.

Carpentaria Palm Tree

These trees grow at a moderate to fast rate to a height around thirty feet tall.  It requires a moderate amount of water in full sun or partial shade.  This palm may have flowers year round.  It will also develop large clusters of bright red fruits.

More Palms

Some other palm trees found in Florida include: Bamboo Palm, Banana Palm Tree, Blue Hesper Palm Tree, Cabbage Palm Tree, Caranday Palm Tree, Carpentaria Palm, Chinese Fan Palm, Christmas Palm Tree, Coconut Palm, Cuban Petticoat Palm, Date Palm, European Fan Palm Tree, Fiji Fan Palm, Flame Thrower Palm Tree, Fishtail Palm, Florida Thatch Palm Tree, Foxtail Palm, Kentia Palm, Lady Palm, Majesty Palm, Mangrove Palm, Mediterranean Palm, Mexican Fan Palm, Needle Palm, Paurotis Palm, Pindo Palm, Princess Palm, Pygmy Date Palm, Queen Palm Royal Palm, Sabal Lisa Sabal Palm, Sago Palm, Tree Saw Palmetto, Silver Thatch Palm, Travelers Palm, Triangle Palm, and Windmill Palm.

There are numerous different types of palm trees and many of them can grow in Florida.  They make a beautiful choice for landscaping and are very hardy.