Tree Profiles three Flowered Maple

Maple trees are very pretty trees. They can provide color and shade to a garden or landscape. Many beautiful and tasty things come from the Maple trees. A couple of these items are pretty maple furniture and yummy, sweet maple candy. Not all Maple trees are alike. There are one hundred twenty five species. Most are in Asia. There are thirteen native species in North America. Each species looks different and grows in different places. The Three Flowered Maple is one type. 

This type of Maple tree has a slow to moderate growth rate. It is considered a small tree. It can grow to twenty to thirty feet tall and fifteen feet wide. When the tree is in bloom you will see three flowers in a cluster. The leaves also grow in clusters of three. This is where the name Three Flowered Maple came from.

This sets it apart from other Maple trees. It has the same fall color that other Maples have. The color can vary from year to year. It is usually a blend of orange and yellow. The bark is tan and brown colored and can be peeled away in long, thin strips.

The roots of this tree are shallow so it can not grow well in continually wet soil. It does not do well in compact soil either. The leaves can be up to three inches on this Maple tree. The tree is found in Korea and Manchuria. It can also be grown in North America. Acer triflorum is its technical name.

Many people are growing and purchasing these trees for their gardens and landscapes. This tree can be grown in sun or shade. It is better to place it in full sun so people can see how pretty it is. The soil must be moist and well drained. When grown in the sun it is round and compact. When grown in shade it is it is upright and spreading.

This is one of the few types of trees that has pretty, colorful leaves even in the shade. The flowers on the tree are pink and greenish yellow. They stay even into winter. They don’t have much pest problems and provide good shade. They are also easy to transplant. You can plant one of these trees or plant a group of them. They add interest and color to landscapes and gardens which is why they are popular.