Tree Profiles Ponderosa Pine

The Ponderosa Pine is also called Western Yellow Pine, Bull Pine or Blackjack Pine and it is native to North America. This tree has a very unique bark, the color is orange ith black lining. The bark has a very sweet scent that is similar to baked cookies. The needles are dark yellow-green. 

Caterpillars and moth like to feed on the pine’s long needles. These trees are known to grow to a height of 235 feet. They are considered to be the tallest pine trees. The Blue Stain Fungus is a disease that attacks this species of tree. It starts to spread from the mouth of the tree. The Ponderosa Pine is able to tolerate drought very well. This tree is highly favored in logging because of it’s quality of wood.

The Ponderosa Pine Trees provide much food for a very large variety of birds. Woodpeckers, nutcrackers, chickadees and flickers are just a few species of birds that feed on this tree. It also provides a place for nesting for many birds. Abandoned nest cavities and loose bark of this tree also attract many bats. The tree makes a good home for many insects like beetles, ants and butterflies. Woodpeckers like to perch on Ponderosa branches. The Ponderosa Pine provides seeds for the birds. The Ponderosa Pine is a very important part of nature. It is also very important to the lumber industry because it is a highly favored wood.

The Ponderosa Pine is one of America’s abundant tree species. These lovely trees cover about 27 million acres of land. That is about 35% of total acreage in the United States alone. These trees love to grow surrounded by juniper and sage and they are known to live for about 200 years. The heartwood of the tree has a small amount of reddish-brown with honey-toned or straw-like color. It is used for building and furniture making. Many mills produce lumber from the Ponderosa Pine. Many woods are affected by changes in humidity, but the Ponderosa Pine is not and that is why it is mostly preferred for lumber. It is considered to be a very valuable wood because it does not warp. The wood of the Ponderosa Pine is mostly used for framing, roof, decking, and flooring. It is the perfect wood to use for outdoor projects. Many home improvement centers carry Ponderosa Pine products. This wood is highly favored for making drawers, windows and doors as well.