Tornados Formation

Tornadoes are one of the most destructive forces that Mother Nature delves out to the earth’s inhabitants. This violently rotating column of air will make a wide and damaging path through areas of their choice at wind speeds of up to 300 miles per hour. The tornado’s rage will wreak havoc an average of 800 times in a year and death and injury are the result. Spring is here, and people are already mapping out their disaster plan so they are prepared in the event of a tornado that comes their way. The way these monsters are formed is very interesting, and I am going to share that with you.

There must be a severe thunderstorm or a super cell first. These super cells last longer than most thunderstorms and they are much more severe. The atmosphere is generally labeled unstable by most weather reporters, and there is also a cold spot of air that is moving eastward. The wind begins to change direction, while increasing in intensity. You cannot see the instability in the atmosphere when the cool air meets the warm air, and you cannot see the horizontal spinning effect that is in the lower atmosphere. The warm air is rising within the center of this invisible monster to meet the cool air that is above and the tornado is well on its way.

Because warm, moist air is lighter than cold and dry air, it causes a strong updraft in a thunderstorm. As this warm air rises, it is likely to meet with wind directions that vary at different altitudes. If the right speed and wind is there, it will cause a spinning reaction very similar to that of a top. A wall cloud, formed from the rotation, will be noticeable. At this point, the reports will start flooding in so the weather stations can warn the residents within its path.

Whether a storm will produce a tornado, a sheer or very strong wind, or just pelting hail and rain depends on the ingredients in the recipe of the day’s weather. Unfortunately, many areas have experience multiple tornadoes and the devastating results from these natural disasters. They will leave an animal in shock, with all limbs intact, while totally destroying every large building around them. They will tear down your neighbor’s home and leave yours standing with no damage. Tornadoes are a force to reckon with, and the most important thing for you to do is make a plan for your family in order to be prepared in the event one is heading your way.