Tips for Making Candy Glass

Tips for making candy glass. 

If you have ever seen someone thrown through a pane of glass in a movie chances are it was candy glass.  This fun confection is actually quite easy to make.

♦  What you need to make candy glass  ♦

The exact amounts needed for candy glass can change depending on the amounts that you desire.  All of these amounts are optimized to fill a normal cookiesheet. 

1)      non stick cookie sheet

2)      non-stick saucepan

3)      3 Cups of Sugar

4)      1 Cup of Water

5)      Vegetable Oil

6)      1 Cup Clear Corn Syrup

7)      Flavored extract (Optional)

8)      Food Coloring (Optional)

9)      Shaped Mold (Optional)

♦  Directions for making Candy Glass  ♦

Put the corn syrup, sugar and water into am oiled saucepan.  Make sure that any alcohol within the oil is given a moment to boil off before you pour in the mixture.  This keeps bubbles from forming.  Let the mixture get to a boil while keeping it stirred.  Let it boil for about 10 minutes or until most of the water has boiled off.  The mixture should be nice and thick at this point.  Pour the thick boiling mixture into a pre-oiled cookie sheet, spreading it out evenly.  It is important to do this step quickly and not give the mixture time to cool.  Let the cookie sheet full of the thick mixture stand at room temperature until it is cool and the remove from your cookie sheet.  You now have Candy Glass.

♦  Optional Ideas for making Candy Glass  ♦ 

If you want your candy glass to come out in festive shapes and sizes pour the mixture into whatever shaped mold you desire.  Doing this you can get festive Halloween, Christmas or any other holiday Candy glass cutouts.

For specific flavor and coloring you can add whatever flavor extract or food coloring your desire.  For instance add red food coloring and cinnamon extract to make a nice cinnamon flavored glass.  Other great flavoring ideas include mint and vanilla.

 You can break or cut the candy glass into pieces.  Additionally you can get a random shard effect from dropping it from a few feet above the counter to shatter in a natural fashion.

As you see candy glass can be quite simple to make, yet it has a lot of fun and exciting applications that can be used.