Tips for Assessing your Errors and becoming a better Person

The start of any success story begins with an idea. The idea is then developed into goals and guidelines to achieve them. We are no different. Whether it be the moment one realizes he wants to improve his career, or the day an individual decides to stop smoking. The catalyst was an idea and a feeling of, “I can do this.” Throughout life we are confronted by challenges that test our dignity and integrity. We have a natural sense of right and wrong. We are also a part of a larger community known as homosapien. It is then also natural to look at ourselves and how we fit into the larger picture of race and societies that span the globe.

There is no clear cut or single path to becoming a better person. That road is as different as the individuals that live on this planet, and each person will have their own way. What is common is the goal. To be a better person. Whether it is an improvement on a physical level, social level, or even a mental enhancement, acceptance by our peers for our ability to continue to grow is the hunger that starts us in positive directions. Encouragement and support of the idea is appreciated and makes the steps to becoming a better person that much more satisfying as you see the people around you begin to interact with you on a different level.

The change or the idea is the easy part. Understanding one needs to change is the hard part. Contentment and comfortability are the culprits. Desire is never ending and is not a tangible item. It’s the chase that guides your desire which guides you to a non ending challenge. Becoming a better person is not waking up one morning and all of a sudden goal realized, it is a commitment to yourself for the rest of your life to at the least be attentive on a daily basis.

Maybe it is better to say we all can work on being better people, and it is not always due to error. It should be a natural want to be positive, optimistic, and seen as having good character. It involves cleanliness, health matters, learning on a continuous basis, and how we relate to others daily. When waking in the morning one should want to put his best foot forward in every aspect of the day, and at night during a self evaluation be able to assess how close to the person you want to be you came.

I say there is only one tip, I know there are improvements every individual can make, so we all can start on our mission to become a better people.