Things to do before Bypass Surgery

Heart bypass surgery is considered a major surgery and requires meticulous preparation. There are many reasons necessitating such preparation and the following can be listed as some of the main ones.

* The surgery involves the heart which will be in a compromise state soon after the surgery

* The compromised and recovering heart requires all the support from other organs to keep the stress levels to a minimum

* Infection of a vital organ such as the heart can be fatal

* Bleeding tendencies would be detrimental in the recovering patient

* Existing infections or immune compromised states can lead to complications and thus prolong the recovering process

Therefore, we will now discuss the preparations or the things that a patient should undertake before undergoing such surgical procedure.

* To recover quickly and to avoid complications, the patients should have to maintain a good lung functions. This is to say that the circulating blood should be well oxygenated and this would not only support the tissues to heal better, but will also avoid the necessity of the heart to function vigorously. Therefore, some of the things that can be done to maintain good lung function would be,

1. Stop smoking

2. Do breathing exercises to improve the lung volume

3. Avoid respiratory infections by wearing protective masks when visiting crowded places

4. Prevent allergens as it can trigger off an asthmatic attack if you’re susceptible

5. In cases there is a history of asthma, continue the usual medications to prevent worsening the condition

6. If you feel any respiratory symptoms, seek urgent medical attention to relieve the symptoms as fast as possible

* Nutrition will also play a vital role in the success and recovery of a bypass surgery and patients need to adhere to a balanced diet with adequate amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, less fats, vitamins and fiber. The diet should maintain good blood sugar levels, support the kidney functions as well as build the immune state in order to tolerate the surgical procedure. Additionally, diets with a high fiber content will avoid the patient from being constipated and thus the need to strain soon after the surgery.

* In preparing for the surgery, another important aspect would be to adjust the mind to undergo such procedure. This is of paramount importance as research has suggested that, patients with good motivation and higher mental state recover faster and better than the ones who suffer from depressive episodes.

Therefore, being with the family, taking leave from the work place or taking it easy from stressful work as well as practicing relaxation methods will all support towards quick recovery and for fewer complications.

Apart from these main preparation areas, a patient should take medical advice prior to the procedure on which drugs he should continue and which need to be avoided. It would be also possible to discuss these matters with a relative or a friend who has undergone the same experience as well as to read certain literature written about the surgical procedure.