Things that Make you Cry Easily

Crying comes easily for some, while others find it extremely difficult to cry, or to be openly expressive with their feelings. Those of us who tend to tear up at the drop of a hat see it as both a blessing and a curse. We may view ourselves as sensitive, sympathetic and able to express our feelings in a healthy, productive way. It can also be a detriment in that we may not always desire to be public with our emotions, but simply cannot help but be brought to tears with ease. Nevertheless, there are innumerable situations in life which cause a great number of us to cry easily and freely.

There are many individuals for whom a plethora of moments exist in the world which never fail to bring forth the emotions that result in the shedding of tears. I have admittedly been one of these individuals for as long as I can remember, and I have never once thought of it as a detriment. Rather, I view it more as a result of the fact that I possess a highly sensitive nature, which I am grateful for, because it allows me to be able to relate to people on an empathetic level. Both minor events and major life occurrences can provoke tears for me in equal measure. Anything from touching television commercials and greeting cards, to intense compassion concerning the realities of those who are sick and suffering can cause me to cry. I am moved to cry at the difficulties and sadness of my children in particular, and during the moments in which they express their love for me. Stories of the pain and hardships of others reach the depths of my soul and never fail to bring forth tears. Of course, it goes without saying that the loss of people through death and widespread tragedies are impossible not to weep over. Movies and books, however fictional, can also trigger periods of sobbing for me. Typically, anything that touches our hearts and souls in a way that moves us emotionally, also has the ability to stir up the emotions that cause tears to flow.

The ability to cry easily should never be considered a weakness or frailty of any sort. Quite the contrary, it displays a strength of character which is admirable and courageous. Those of us who cry with ease tend to be kind, compassionate, and sensitive individuals. Further, we practice a distinctive level of sympathy and care towards our fellow man. Crying is not an act to be embarrassed or ashamed of, but rather one which should be seen as an asset of the human spirit and character.