Things that Make you Cry Easily

I am a highly sensitive individual. I will cry for other’s disappointments. I also cry for their overwhelming joys. In essence I feel the essence of others. Sometimes my sensitivity may be bothersome to others and sometimes it’s a nuisance to me. However, how I am, is how God made me.
When someone ask me to pray for them,I am esteemed and honored to do so. The young generation now uses a term or slang, “You feel me?”, which translated means , Do you understand me? Empathy for another individual is akin to stepping inside their world and feeling what they feel. If we show more care and concern for one another, it would be difficult to say something crass or deliberately hurt someone’s feeling. “Walk a mile in my shoe.” Perhaps you wont be so quick to criticize or condemn me. Maybe , you won’t cast stones or maybe along the way in your journey of realization, you might stop and offer assistance or make a profound gesture and pray for me.

I’m certainly not suggesting that , because I believe in God is the reason I’m highly sensitive or cry easily. I do know Jesus wept, and asked God to forgive us for our sins.Because of his love and empathy for us.Jesus became our intercessor.

The things that make me cry are numerous. I try and balance the tears with laughter.
A good laugh, is a prov en remedy and a good cry cleanses the soul. So the next time you laugh so hard , you start to cry. you have completed a multitask, that will keep you in touch with yourself. Have you ever witnessed a baby engaged in laughter or heard their unrestrained giggles. Just like the tickle me ELMO DOLL, Laughter is contagious.

We have witnessed people in traumatic events that pulled at our heart strings. Hurricane KATRINA reduced me to a sobbing mess. The nation mourned as we watched families loose their homes. Crying is also very contagious,if you posses empathy for others.