Things about Autumn what we Love about Autumn the Smells of Autumn how to Spell Autumn

Who could forget what the smell of Autumn tastes like? The cold, crisp air has a scent of it’s own. As soon as we taste that scent in our lungs we know Autumn has arrived.

Let us begin outside the house, since this is where Autumn truly exists.
How many times have you stepped outside to be greeted by the scent of chilly, crispy air? When your breath proves itself. I find that during the Autumn months, the senses become one: sight, smell, taste, and sound, as well as touch. The sound of crunchy leaves under foot is the taste of the Autumn flavor. And the sight of our own breath when we speak is the smell of the Autumn flavor. Then the touch of Autumn in our lives bring on the natural sixth sense.

How many times have you seen the color of the garden or a meadow with the morning dew? This is such a familiar sight of Autumn. Crispy wood trails, colorful forest trees are only a couple of the things that bring the smells of Autumn. The smell of the rain in the air and the dampness on the ground. All these things remind us of Autumn. It is the time when we instinctively know that winter is on its way.

The smell of a nice warm house is the next best thing with regard to Autumn. It is the inviting scent as you step in the front door. The warmth that hits you as you enter the threshold. Inviting you to have a seat. Relax yourself after brisking your muscles outside. Inside the house is the warm smell of cooking. What is a more inviting and pleasant smell than the one of a warm kitchen.

A roaring log fire is not a common site in the houses of today. But there are those who keep the traditional look of a log fire. When the colder nights draw in, more and more log fires are lit. A log fire looks so nice burning away, but it is really the smell of the wood that gives it grace. The warm and tender scent of a log fire is one of things we all look forward to during Autumn.

Next is the preparation for the winter months. The ripe fruit and vegetables are ready to be prepared into sauces, jams, wines, mead, and pickles. And the aroma that goes with it!
Not to mention the preparation of the Christmas Cake, Christmas Puddings, and Mince Pies, to name only a few. And while they are cooking these are only some of the great aromas and smells associated with Autumn.