Theres a Genius Inside you

Everyone can be a genius at something. Take a moment and reflect back over your life; there just might have been a talent you ignored or you may have squirreled it away for one reason or the other. For some, there may have been a dream killer in your life or you may be guilty of the worst offense of all – sabotaging your own efforts.

Humans have a way substituting emotions. Have ever noticed how aches and pains, overweight issues, and miscellaneous worries cease or is reduced in intensity when you have an opportunity to do something you desire doing? We are talking passion here and not merely something you would like to do that is if not done your universe would not necessarily topple.

What is your deep-seated burning desire that is the ones you placed on the back burners because you have convinced yourself you are not smart enough to pursue? To find your genius, stand back and look at yourself objectively; this entails taking the time to get to know you, which can be a painful journey, but it is worth the time and effort. Are you generally positive or negative? If told the world ends tomorrow, would you simply shrug and mutter, “I knew it was going to happen sooner or later,” or alternatively, would you believe there is a possibility that what lies ahead just may be better than what you have or what you are doing? Try to develop a positive attitude in life; you lose nothing by trying and everything to gain.

One day out of nowhere, there is the “Mr. or Ms. Right” for whom you have spent 15 years searching. Through some miraculous planetary confluence, he or she approaches you and wants to see you again. Suddenly you are motivated to lose those 30 pounds that have tailed you for the last 10 years. What happens next? In less than three months, you have ditched the tail. Even if Mr. or Mrs. Right disappears within the next six months, you found within yourself a long suppressed will to exercise self control that should hold you in good stead in other pursuits.

What is happening on your job? Are you the person in this scenario? For the last 15 years, you have showed up, but with waning enthusiasm. You have determined your job is simply a means to an end; you are not necessarily happy there and never have liked the work. There is no room for growth, so you’re satisfied with satisfactory evaluations, even though many have extolled your intelligence in other areas. One Sunday as you are scanning the want ads, you see the job you have always wanted. Do you immediately type up your resume and mail it off or do you just assume a bird in the hand is worth a thousand in the bushes? Let say that you take the gamble and apply for the job. During the next couple of weeks, images of you on the new job consume you as you go about the drudgery of your 15-year job. Finally, you are called for an interview. Two weeks later, you are offered the job. Within six months on the job, you receive your first promotion. There is also room for advancement all the way to top-level executive positions.

Remember, searching for and discovering your genius often means taking a chance.

In each of the scenarios above, a moment-in-time catalyst changed a life forever. However, in most situations, one does not have these types of tangible motivators; it is up to the individual to wrestle for control of his or her life by taking the helm and chartering his or her own course. How do you do that? Start with a determination and a resolve to have or to do something better.

In every situation, there is a downside. What should you do if you are living with or acquainted with dream killers? Rest assured there are many successful folks with assorted stories about someone’s predictions of their less than stellar future. You must ignore the naysayers and press on. You can do it; you will do it. Even if you are 75, it is not too late to prove them liars. Remember, it is not about your age, it is about your passion. It is ensuring your dreams remain on the front burners in your life. It is up to you to stoke your embers and rekindle the fires. You and only you have the ability to make your blaze as high as you desire; you are in control.

Take written inventory of your life efforts to date. What is it you normally do? What do you need in order to do it better? Are you happy doing it? Do you think you could do better? What will be the indicators that you are doing better? What is in stock and what needs reordering? This self- assessment can take several forms, such as college refresher courses, etc. No goal is too small or too large as long as you measure it against your complete inventory of needs and be prepared to take action.

If this is a “start-over” time in your life, forget about yesterday, as no one has ever relived it and reported the experience. It is important to live in the present, the now, benchmarking your progress and successes as you forge forward, and focusing solely on your goals.

Do not be discouraged by life’s minor irritants, they server mainly to let you know you are alive. You are a great soldier, marching forward towards a happy and more fulfilled life; allowing nothing to deter you. You know you have the skills and the tools, or will find them, to do whatever it is you desire.

You will find as you work toward your goals, the scope will naturally broaden, which is all right as long as you remain steadfastly focused. Moreover, you will find you are now well positioned for finding and sustaining the genius in you.