Theory of Evolution not yet Solved 3 Mysteries

The argument between creationists and evolutionists has been around for centuries. It was once a greatly taboo subject to even suggest that the natural forces of the universe did not move by a divine hand, a suggestion which could cost one who pondered such conundrums their life. In modern times, society has the freedom to explore beyond the established belief, to search for facts supported by empirical evidence. Even those who are not creationist can ponder the mysteries the theory of evolution has not yet solved, such as how the origins of all species defies the Second Law of thermodynamics, how does evolution overcome the Law of Biogenesis and how evolution defies its own laws of natural selection.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics expresses the distribution of energy, as heat radiating and dissipating from the source over time and space, which undermines the idea in the Theory of Evolution that early chemical reactions created life. Yet life exists, which creates the mystery of if not a chemical reaction between fatty acids, then what created that initial spark bringing life into existence.

Another mystery is how the beginnings of life overcame the Law of Biogenesis, which states simply that chemicals cannot create life. It is a contradiction that starts at the root of the origins of life and continues as new species have popped up seeming out of nowhere in the evolutionary chronology. Biogenesis also pre-emptively denies evolutionary leaps from plants to animals, as each can only reproduce its original structure.

A third mystery would be the many missing links in the fossil records, and a few disputed connections. Variation of a species is not uncommon, but such extreme variation that a mutation could be considered an evolutionary step forward is not present in the evidence.  While evolutionists concede change occurs over thousands of generations, there is no evidence of any intermediary change.

When the Theory of Evolution was first published it was indeed ground breaking, as it brought to the fore front of the conscious mind that the world and all of the creatures in it are in a continual state of change. Ever so gradually do all things change, and the original Theory of Evolution has also succumbed to change as the world becomes more knowledgeable, more curious and ready to challenge the established beliefs about the world. While the Theory of Evolution doesn’t solve all the mysterious of the origin of species, it does get people asking the right questions along the way.