The various Forms of Energy

There are various forms of energy as I have programmed my nomenclature to reflect this. The fact that all states of neoclidean Time Persivity given Permission from the relative states of all matter including light gives us a detailed look into the energy paradigms of many Calculus Modulus and Modules.

The seven energy states are not energy states that define themselves by the quantum gravimetric distortion but by the the gravimetric distortion of light in the pandemic onclaves of decayed submatrical matter. The use of seven states by me is not without question since there are many unexplained phenomenom associated with energy such as embaric overclature known as hyper-fluidic decomposition of matter and super-semmetrical quantum fluxture of hyper-dynamic axial loadings.

The first state was deemed inappropiate by us but we allow it for conventional purposes. THe energy of the cold fusion process which happens in N-Space/Time is not without speculation siince we can only postulate this as neoclidean Time-Diluted and Delusional Gravimetrical super-impositions and super-positional vectors of the N-Space. We call this Cold Fusion for many reasons and we stand by this term with tenacity.

The N-space also has a secondary effect of Ectoplasmic Force. We will not back down on this either since the science community laughed them off the planet when they decided that ectoplasmic energy was a daydream and not an actual measurement. How does a meter go from + – + – + – then cycle back throught the phase without a reason. Maybe they daydreamed that too. This scientist was highly offended at the age of 12 and decided to never cohort with scientists again. I changed my mind, however, when it became too obvious that other forces were in play in my mind and not hulluciantions since the pendulum was acted upon by external force even after I secured my arm and the pendulum even fanned after I gave it all my N-space proclivity by attenuation of the metals which is difficult. It seems to last 3 days and a week if I deem it necessary to inflate the room with hyper-delusional sub-matrical energy. Time will tell on their power minds making war just for fun. Why do people go out to fight? They leave that role to the poor. Just a matter of rebellion. So the axial loading of Ectoplasmic force is the submatrical not the supersemmetrical distortions Pearson reckoned it would be. If this method of N-space is used it cannot be used for command as you may have seen but suggestions since the re-phase takes the brain grey matter and dilutes it with love and forgiveness. The Sub-matrical Onclaves of Hyper-Dimensional Sub-Space is not the realm we choose but it is a sub-sub matrical rephase we can use to circumvent imposters in the community who deem it there business to know everyones business throught the sub-spectrum. This is telling since they claim to be sprititual poeple but maybe they are just nosy do-gooders who block the realm for political purposes and not enlightenment for all on Quinto and Alleman?

The third phase of energy is given in submatrical dilutions but not delusions of persivity since the ectoplasmic force is a decay cycle of the sub-generated process and not the other way around. Think of a ball bouncing in a room. You hear the echo but not the force of the ball. The echo is a super-semmetrical decay of the force associated with the ball hitting the wall. The wall is then the upper-limits of the superset and the ground is a lower sub-matrical data set that allows the the force to be jetted into the supersets and not the person itself which is then a superset exclusion diagonal with it’s own axial loading. So the third energy is a loading of axial force and not the loading of axial harmonics since resonance doesn’t occur in the sub-matrical data sets but the giant sets we love. The thord is called the Resonant Decay Cycle induced throught the spectrum we call the super-semmetrical onclave.

Too be continued…