The various Forms of Energy

Synapse and the Brain

We are in fact dynamic charges derived from a universal static, whose forward adaptation is a continuous stream. We in my opinion, are universal synapses’, single sources of consciousness in an everlasting stream of universal thought, we are gods memory. We are the charges left in charge of the cosmic, we are the dream, the fascination, the observed, we are the aware, we are God.

Let’s look at thought like this, a static globe. They were kind of cool to watch when we were kids. Even though running your finger over the top while watching the electricity follow was there only use, they were neat none the less. But how does these simple structures of electricity relate to us as humans?

We have as most might know a Pineal Gland; a Master Gland. Let’s think back to the static globe. It has a center sphere that the electricity originates from doesn’t it? Now let’s substitute the center of that static globe with our Pineal Gland. What does this tell us? It tells us that our Pineal Gland acts just like an electric switchboard, a very advanced switchboard that releases an electric pathway to the synapse or fingerprint.

Now let’s say that the outer sphere is our cortex, yet at the same time we can realize the complexity of the brain and realize that within our advanced state that there are actually many spheres overlapping one another, like a jawbreaker, which gives us the depth of thought to which we currently possess. What do we now see? We see a pathway from the Pineal to the various stages of the cortex. Or if we take it further, a pathway to the observed conscious and just as our fingers would do, the pathways are determined by the observance of our environment thought our five senses, and why some are said to be touched by god. As analogies go we can consider the brain as a filing cabinet, but it’s basically a supercomputer, and the Pineal gland is the server.

What do we know about information? We know that all information can be broken down into a binary code. This, like all codes, can be transferred as an electrical stream of number which has its own independent frequency. It is known that we too have our own biological frequency specific to each of us, in the universal scheme of things we can see here that we are synapse, thus our universal thought, our connection to the cosmos.

A synapse as it is said to store an individual memory. So it A, has its own individual frequency, B, has its own particular place within the brain to which it is stored, and C, has a particular accessible source within the serving Pineal Gland. So what happens when the Pineal gland cannot complete the pathway?

Let’s say that age, chemical deterioration, or trauma occurs affecting the tissue in the brain, or basically causing a short in the mother board. What does a computer do? An advanced computer that is, reroutes the fundamental pathways so that it may continue to function as best it can. However the side affect is that memory is lost because the switchboard or software (cortex) is damaged. Or as an Alzheimer’s patient might realize, the switchboard is shutting down due to a chemical meltdown. But like all things living, it is continually searching the pathways trying to reboot and repair itself, then finally it reaches the base programs to which all there knowledge is built upon.

Think of it like this. Knowledge is the root of all evil and ignorance is its foundation, and from this we must build a house of wisdom and just as every house does, the shingles crumble and wood begins to rot and eventually becoming nothing more than a foundation. And so with this we can see that even the pathways to which the pineal gland emit, that they too are weaken. And when the pathways weaken and try to access the synapses’, the electrical frequency within the synapse causes the pathway to fracture and fail. Kind of like using the wrong gauge wire in a house and lights flicker cause it can’t transfer the right amount of power, thus causing memory to reoccur randomly. This is because the pineal glands switchboard it failing thus firing through the frequencies to access any synapse at all, placing the pineal in a panic, however they are mainly the foundation memories. Finding it and then forgetting it, thus continually having to search over and over for the frequency time and time again.

As most know energy can not be a destroyed or added to. It can however be harnessed. This is what happened with age. And so when someone dies and say that they see a bright light they are witnessing the collection of there own energy, their own piece of god, their own piece of heaven, their own oneness with god. Just another reason why Jesus said heaven is within.