The Scientific Revolution and the Discoveries of the Solar System

As our world comes to the new era, the technologies follow too! With the knowledge of science in this world keep expanding and improving, science revolution happens and most of the things that we see, we hear and we feel, are discovered step by step.
There are some contrasts in the new science and the ancient science. The ancient science say that the dead things will never move. But the new science, which has been discovered by our human-beings, said it could be alive. The atomics are moving in each particle!

Although most of the things in this world have been discovered, the scientists feel not satisfied yet. There are more and more things, either living or dead, in the outerspace, still haven’t been discovered. Just considering within Solar System, our human body can only reach the moon, and the space probe can only reach the Neptune, how about the other galaxies which is a few light years ago from us?

In this aspect, astronomers have played their important roles. From the time that Yuri Gagarin, the first person to roam in the outerspace, until this time, the science knowledge about the Solar System is still expanding. Although there are decades between these dates, the knowledge is considered as little.

The first person to land on the Moon, Neil Armstrong, who made his first step on the surface of Moon, had made a very famous history in the science of cosmic. Astronomers had gather more information from the first step of Moon landing.

Galileo Galilei, who began the knowledge of astronomy, saw 6 planets in Solar System with his naked eyes. This made him feel curios about the Solar System as well as he kept on developing his observation. He had then used a telescope and found 3 more planets which is also orbiting around the Sun. They are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto(However, Pluto is no longer considered as planet as its density is low enough.)

Can you feel anything while you are standing on the Earth? Are we spinning? No, can’t feel anything. But, the curiosity of scientists told them that the Earth is spinning on its axis and orbiting around the Sun. This theory was approved long time ago. We only say that the Sun is moving from the East to West, but we are actually moving around it!

What will our Earth be in the coming years? The answer is still pending…