The Relevance of Feminism

About a year ago, I switched on my rarely used television and caught Germaine Greer giggling like a school girl on some dusty talk-show. Germaine, it seems had netted a much younger man.

Germaine’s influence on feminism as a philosophy and movement have, in my opinion, been positive. Yes, Germaine was the beautiful ape-woman who turned women’s attention on themselves and educated them, that, Yes!, they too can have orgasms. They don’t have to just lie there like sperm catchers. They can evolve to the moment and realize their own pleasure.

Germaine Greer is far more educated and degreed than I. She is also far more into physical pleasures than I am. As far as sex goes. When I refer to her as “ape-woman”, I mean she went hog-wild, was not mild, used birth control, had no child. Sex monster.

Hilarious. I’m only jealous if he looks like Ashton Kutcher.

Feminism should not be necessary. And yet it is. Because it is human to forget. Even Germaine might forget were it not so. Germaine might forget that not so long ago, she would have been burned at the stake, that is unless she were saved by some Catholic patriarch who had a thing for wild ape women.

Feminism, in case you are unaware, is that element which allows women to defend and protect their children from the men. It is that political influence which allows very smart females to live a life equivalent to their intelligence and talent.

On a day to day, village existance where law ensures a certain amount of freedom for women, feminism makes no sense.

But for those of us who have a profound understanding of the gender equation, feminism is vitally relevant. Less a movement now, it identifies a certain type of women.

Let’s face it, any one can claim to be feminist. I’ve seen it. It isn’t erudite. It wants attention.

The relevance of feminism for feminists is a subjective matter and can only be measured by the Constitution of its country with males as the balancing equation. Body weight and muscle figured in for the military and other physical types.

The relevance of feminism is especially important to feminists. It is not relevant to males as adults. But it should be relevant to male (and female) children who need protection as they evolve, grow and mature.

Where feminism is greatly feared and attacked, a deeper problem runs even deeper. Feminists know and understand the root cause. They learn to work around it. They adapt to situations and if they are truly authentic…

A feminist will know.