The Quantum Brain Parallel Worlds and Time Shifts

The Quantum Brain, Parallel Worlds and Time Shifts

Modern physics has determined that energy is information. Therefore entropy is a condition of increasing chaos in the order of the underlying information contained in quantum energy. [Quantum physics]

The information contained in energy is universal. This has been shown by multiple experiments at the quantum level. These experiments have shown that a quantum particle or wave that has been excited in one region of space affects another particle or wave in a completely different region of space. Distance does not matter – the reaction of one quantum particle/wave to another occurs whether the other particle/wave is several hundred feet away or 100 billion light years away. [Quantum physics experimental data.]

It has also been documented that by simply observing an object at the quantum level, it “forces” the quantum object to “make a choice.”

Quantum can either be expressed as a particle (the basic building block of matter) or a wave (the basic building block of energy). Astoundingly, the act of a conscious intelligence directly interacts with the basic foundation of reality and influences that reality in measurable ways. This has been known to be true for some decades. It has been demonstrated in laboratory experiments, so it is not theoretical, but a measurable phenomenon. [Quantum physics laboratory experiments.]

Taking that documented effect into consideration, it leads us to the realization that conscious intelligence itself is inextricably linked to quantum reality and cannot only be influenced by the quantum matrix of reality, but can in itself directly influence the quantum matrix of reality and by extension, thus has the ability to modify the underlying reality of existence. [Quantum physics)]

It has been demonstrated repeatedly during the past several years that the matrix of our universe (the physical, observable reality we are a part of) is linked to a multiple of other “realities” each which exists independent of its self but can also interact with other realities within the matrix of a “multi-verse.”

Supporting this mathematical evidence, laboratory experiments have measured a field of ubiquitous energy called “Zero Point Energy.” Data suggest this energy has been tapped not from our universe, but from “somewhere else.”

Experimental evidence for the existence of a multi-verse can also be seen with the manipulation of elementary particles within the famous “Josephson’s junction” experiments wherein matter and energy transmitted between the junctions simply “winked out of existence” only to reappear at the other side of the junction without observably crossing the physical space between.

Other experiments, such as the groundbreaking experiments involving the transmission of information in the form of energy between one point in physical space to another – instantaneously – demonstrated that the theoretical limits of the speed of light can be circumvented and that an underlying physical reality that neither Newton’s or Einstein’s views of the universe (and their attendant physical laws) take into consideration.

For instance, certain observations within particle accelerators at the Fermi Lab (and others) have recorded anomalies that can only be accounted for by interaction with some other reality (or co-existing dimension). [Quantum mathematics, quantum physics and cosmology all tend to support this.]

Consciousness, which cannot be accounted for strictly by the bio-physicality of the human brain, has been demonstrated to be holistic in nature. There have also been experiments that tend to reveal that consciousness is not only holistic in its ability to gather data from the available senses, distill that data into an ordered hierarchy of information, and then manipulate that information into a condensation of completely new information (the creative process of consciousness), but can actually manipulate (or be manipulated by) the interaction of the surrounding environment not only at the macro level but to the very matrix of the quanta itself. [Quantum theory, information theory, artificial intelligence theories, and metaphysical (Whiteheadian) theories]

All of this information lends credence to the idea that everything that composes the known universe and the unknown multi-verses, reduced to its most elementary level, is nothing more than a constant flow of information that can be interacted with by itself, other outside sources of information (one or more of the multi-verses), or any conscious entity that can observe any of the informational processes of one or more of the existing realities. [Quantum theory, information theory, artificial intelligence theories, metaphysical theories, crypto-philosophy]

Such a scenario then also lends some credence to the controversial hypothesis that the phenomenon termed “space-time” does not actually exist and has no more substance than a shadow does to the interaction of macro-matter blocking protons emanating from an independent light source, (those photons being inhibited from streaming unfettered onto a background).

Therefore, with everything being reduced to simple units of information: quantum matter, quantum energy, quantum time, quantum space-all is nothing more than forms of an informational matrix – a matrix of which consciousness itself is the simultaneous decoder, re-assembler, re-arranger, distiller and manipulator. . . and in some instances, creator.

For consciousness to have such properties and abilities, consciousness itself must be part of the quantum matrix – a quantum matrix that is not confined to one reality but spans all realities (all universes) simultaneously. If this is valid, then every quantum potential is only awaiting stimulation with an interaction by a quantum consciousness to realize a modified nature of information.

Have observations been made supporting this contention?


The newest observational physics has deduced that every observation we make of our observable universe is measurably changing the information of existence at the quantum level and introducing increased chaos (entropy) to this reality thus in effect hastening its eventual demise. “Demise” would be defined as “a catastrophic loss of order within the information supplanted by absolute chaos.” To draw an analogy, it is very similar to the corruption of information in a computer program, or just another way to describe non-existence. [Quantum theory]

This breakthrough paves the way for a new physics that could account for the basic building blocks of quantum information and their subsets, mainly: space, time, gravity, the weak force, the strong force, entropy and even so-called paranormal forces or events that have been documented throughout history such as teleportation, telekinesis, telepathy, precognition, significant time anomalies, UFOs and other phenomenon that have largely been dismissed because they could did not fit into the accepted models of physics, cosmology or the perceived nature of reality.

The holonomic, quantum brain interacts with the universe at the quantum level. Therefore, cognitive awareness (the consciousness) can be shaped by contact with existence and existence this universe and all the facets of the multiverse) can be shaped and directed by consciousness.

This concept was the basis for the speculative science underlying the mind boggling plot of the landmark science fiction film, “Forbidden Planet.” On that planet, Altair IV, a race of super beings called the Krell established an advanced civilization without instrumentalities. In other words they were able to manipulate energy and matter simply through an effort of conscious will and create anything for any purpose. They had advanced beyond their dependency on machines.

Hollywood speculation has become hard science in the 21st Century laboratory. It has been established that cognitive awareness has a measurable effect upon quantum particles and waves.

I grant you that today’s breakthroughs into the nature of the symbiotic relationship between an aware universe and aware intelligences is a far cry from establishing a Krell-like civilization, but the key to accelerating the advancement of research in this field is, appropriately enough, the creation and utilization of quantum computers.

This is being done even as you read this article.

In summation, we (our consciousnesses) exist in a multi-verse that is composed of an unknown number of dimensions – or realities – of which our observable universe is only a part of the greater reality.

Our consciousness is also multi-dimensional and transverses the multi-verse but only on extremely subtle, quantum levels.

Therefore, each of our consciousnesses are continuously acting, reacting and interacting with the quantum matrix and by its very nature transverses all realities. This state is one that we are normally oblivious to at any level until revealed by specific experiments.

Therefore, the nature of time, of space, of energy and of matter are all governed by the underlying matrix of quantum information and to a degree – a degree yet undetermined and unknown, and only partially understood – the nature and purpose of consciousness is primarily to control, manage, manipulate and influence the reality of the dynamic multi-verse.

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