The Qualities of an Electromagnetic Field

Electromagnetic fields permeate our lives.Whether the natural or artificial form,the represent the invisible forces that produces far reaching effects in many situations.
Generally,they represent field of forces consisting of superimposed electric and magnetic fields,and generated by charged particles such as an electron.

The qualities of an electromagnetic field are marked by its physical properties and these determine the range of uses to which it is incorporated.The following are some of the qualities which make an electromagnetic field unique in its own right and a tool for innovative ideas,most especially in the telecommunication industry:

1.Electomagnetic field have high frequency,measured in Hertz.

2.Sources of electromagnetic fields consists of two types of charge-positive and negative charge.

3.A quality of an electromagnetic wave is that it obeys Michael Faraday’s law which says a changing magnetic field creates an electric field.This is the main principle behind the electric generator.

4.An electromagnetic wave obeys the Ampere-Maxwell law which states that a changing electric field creates a magnetic field.This is the main idea behind the electric motor.

5.Electromagnetic fields are invisible to the naked eyes,and include a whole range of the spectrum including gamma rays, X-rays, ultraviolet, visible light, infra-red,and radio frequencies.

6.Electromagnetic fields from our solar system represent a natural field of force whose effect is felt by everything within the system.

7.Naturally occurirng electromagnetic fields could be tapped and used ,as in mobile phones,TV and radio,and all the other methods of man-made communications.

8.Both electric and magenetic fields have fluxes .Hence,electromagnetic field is also characterized by the possession of an electromagnetic flux.

9.An electromagnetic wave is characterized by very short wavelengths,as in X-rays.

10.Electromagnetic fields have potential energies,or energies due to their position.

Moreover,physicists still have a long way to go as some qualities of electromagnetic waves can not be explained for now.The following are examples:

I.With human consciousness,the so-called magical power of electromagnetic wave allows two individuals to communicate telepathically,that is,without seeing one another.This power is used effortlessly,by the universe,to bring about synchronicities in our lives.

II.A growing concern over possible health hazard from low-frequency electromagnetic field. Many household appliances and computer monitors give off extremely low frequency(ELF),considered to be potentially dangerous.The frequency of ELF is 3-30 Hertz,and the wavelength 100,000- 10,000 km.

Finally,the qualities of an electromagnetic field are numerous and they made it to be so useful to mankind.It has a high frequency,positive and negative charge,obeys Michael Faraday
and Ampere-Maxwell’s laws,and are invisible to the naked eyes.Again,it represent a natural field of force,could be tapped at will,has fluxes,is characterized by very small wavelengths,
and possesses potential energy.Some qualities of electromagnetic field are still subject to research.