The Power of Influence and Group Thinking

Hypothetically, we can almost always derive at a probability or conclusion simply by studying the applied effort, action, and the reaction or result thereof. For as much as Newton’s law of motion implies; when we force any type action, (be it physical, mental, or spiritual) we can often determine the measure of such efforts by weighing it against the opposite reaction. Hence, his theory;”for every action there is an equal, and opposite reaction.”

Understandably, there are indeed a lot of examples throughout history that have shown that any concentrated effort to organize, conform, or produce a mind-share or group to be programmed to ‘think alike’ often concerns a measure of influence or an act of persuasion.

The underlying principle from a psychological standpoint concerning “group-thinking” can easily be found in direct association to the power of influence, and the art of persuasion.

In trying to understand the underlying demographics of our ability to process our thoughts we generally derive at the cross roads (perception) of making a decision; as to whether we act on our perception? -Or by way of instinctual nature or habit?

Without question this psychological process begins with our perception, and how we interpret the responses of our first visual impression(s) per se.

*Clearly, we cannot limit perception to derive solely by sight, as many of people throughout history who are sight or hearing impaired utilize one sensory to compensate for the lack of another.

For the sake of exploring the dangers, or the evils that can be produced when any number of people direct their focus of thought(s) to the point of a mind-share, it crosses the thresholds of one’s independent philosophical interpretation, and encompasses the thoughts of a number of people influencing, and persuading a specific outcome.

In my personal observations and experiences, the outcome can be awe-inspiring and produce positive results from any number of agendas or preconceived destinations or results initially being sought.

For example, let’s look at any business’s main focal point concerning the organization of employees, product services, and the exoskeletal structure, as it too is based on very similar principles as that of group-thinking, or a calculated agenda concerning a pre-determined outcome.

Sadly, there are generally more pawns in the world, than there have ever been kings or queens. Just as the same principle applies in the corporate world, religious groups, organizations, and whole civilizations, there can be little debate; there have always been fewer leaders than followers.

This is where the individual needs to be informed, educated, and develop the understanding of the demographics of how our human nature and psychology converge, and then arm themselves with the intellectual knowledge to determine which role they intend to serve in their independent quest for purpose in life. (This is the ‘key’ to removing ignorance in any area of one’s life.)

Clearly, the results of any group can produce either miraculous or disastrous results. It all boils down to the leaders’ agenda or insightful perception and the interpretation thereof, as that ultimately determines the result of any groups efforts, and produces either positive or negative results.

Irregardless of the results, the underlying evil concerns the limited understanding or effort people apply toward establishing their own philosophies, and the direction they take in their personal quest to reach a level of sustainably, purpose, meaning, and significance, in and throughout their own life. It is a responsibility every individual shares stock in, and is governed only by measure of; freewill.

As a student of life myself, and having a major fascination with human behavioral patterns, psychology, philosophy, and the mysterious spiritual nature of our being; I have conducted silent observations my entire life trying to derive at a competent and intellectual perspective, regarding the difference between leaders and followers.

While my findings continue to increase my understandings, it also has brought to the forefront the fact that we as people all hold (and almost need to maintain) a sense of self, and in any account this can be interpreted as selfish, and serves as a rather diabolical agenda of self survival.

We explore the world and all its mysterious properties, and we choose between the folds of time that which suits our survival, and affords us a level of understanding and comfort to feel complete within both ourselves and our surroundings.

The underlying evils that derive from “group thinking” generally lead us to accept, condone, or support that which appears to our perception as a worthy cause or serves the purpose of our survival. By placing too much reliance in any area of group think, we can view the danger (or evil) as it is always evident that we have a limited capacity to know the outcome beforehand; whereby, we may think we’re serving the greater good of the whole of humanity, only to experience quite the opposite result in reality.

We see this today in our government, especially concerning the 50 years past concerning the outsourcing of jobs to third world countries who can produce “the product” at a cheaper rate, or do the labors we often see or have come to perceive as “below us” or our standards, and in doing so the short-term results on paper showed huge profits for America’s major leaders, and implied security for our nation, and “we the people.”

Unfortunately, this “group-think” mentality is generally developed by the leaders or groups controlling the influence or persuasion, and the rest of us simply refute the responsibility or ownership of the long-term result, pleading we assumed no liability in the outcome.

From this example the threat raises to the surface, exposing the danger and the evil that may or not have been the intentional outcome, but often produces conflict, whereby, the result now supersedes the agenda, and people (followers) feel mislead or even abused to a degree.

I truly did not mean for this to go in this direction, but in fact, it solidifies my point, as we need to maintain our voice (our responsibility)and not simply allow the “minority” (or group leaders) to influence, manipulate, or persuade the “majority” into a detrimental situation that threatens the survival of the whole.

However, when we do relinquish ourselves from the responsibility or the right to be heard, we cannot transfer the blame solely upon the “leaders” without intelligently accepting our lack of involvement also plays a major role in the outcome.

Ironically, the writings on the wall, and yet, few people understand the demographics, and silent “power” found in group-thinking, mind-share, or the art of persuasion, and respond very negatively when the reality or even their own knowledge grows (as is the case in America today) and the result forces an action, reformation, or level of acceptance the “majority” simply do not want to take ownership over.

Hence, many remain reliant on the “minority” (leaders) to govern both our thoughts and our lives to a degree, and the results can only produce a positive or negative result. Naturally, when all is well… the responsibility (voice) of the “majority” (followers) remains silent, and everyone enjoys the reward. But, when we have what we are experiencing today, new leaders are born, and they force their influence and understandings to persuade new groups to follow them in their quest to produce new results, hopeful to be beneficial for the whole!

As I am to believe; there is a balance to everything. Just as Newton knew to push one object, returns equal measures of force (or resistance) from another. Such is so with everything in our masterful universe, and we the people therein and thereof will experience the “securities and blessings”, and the “dangers and evils” associated to any act of “mind-sharing” or “group-thinking”, but we can only come to expect, and perhaps appreciate the fact(s) that remain equaled only by our applied efforts or resistance to the powers that be in all areas of our existence.

Might we hope the results are of benefit to all, ourselves included?

(Might we begin by correcting the title of this subject as it is phrased as an improper question?)