The Nature of Time as the Fourth Dimension

A physicist named Itzhak Bars has hypothesized the notion of two dimensions of time in a five or six dimensional universe. The extra time dimension could not be experienced in this universe because the extra two dimensions have a higher reality not downloaded to the one we experience…this universe is a ‘shadow’ of the greater universe. For now though, lets approach the concept of time in a more usual way…

Space has three dimensions and time another. For spatial dimensions to have a direction time also must have a directional dimension. Because all spatial dimension did not originate fully deployed and are expanding through the 4th dimension of time material change can happen. Time seems by inference evidence that spatial dimensions themselves have some sort of substance not described by quantum cosmological super-string theories or even membranes of M-Theory. Regardless, if posited extra yet sub-plank length dimensions have existed since the origin of the inflaton phase of the Universe extra time dimensions cannot be ruled out either, yet it may be that it is because the extra space dimensions are not in the 4th dimension of time in this Universe that they are small, and may appear as virtual particles and be the source of quantum uncertainty…since the extra dimension’s membranes haven’t existence in the time dimension of this universe they must disappear from space quickly, and have a sort of borrowed virtual reality grounded neither in space nor time of the standard universe.

There are monopole fields known in physics…why must time inherently be a monopolar field? It is possible that a different conceptual approach to considering the time dimension could be useful in understanding what the dimension comprises, what it’s shape is, if the field is invariantly in relation to mass, if it disappears as gravity seems to with speed or force into extra dimensions, where time goes in extra dimensions such as into particular extra spatial dimensions, if time can be concentrated and stored with acceleration such as energy may be in some instances, and so forth…

The 3rd century neo-Platonist philosopher Plotinus described the promulgation of the Universe as a consequence of emanations from The One in The Enneads. The Plotinian theory is inclusive of theistic evolution, of the ground of the Universal physics in the will of God and creation by the Intellect, that may be readily associated with Jesus Christ.

Cosmological physical theories must be the empirical basis for theistic evolutionary analysis rather than just a subset of the history of the Universe such as biological evolution. Too much Christian deliberations upon theistic evolution tend to be reduced to subsets of existing neo-creationist theories by analysts without a cosmological perspective inclusive of quantum cosmology and M-Theory or super-string theory.

The promulgation of temporal Universes by The Intellect complete with being and time is a consequence of the actualization of form. Because God or The One is the sole absolute perfection Universe’s have time, being and imperfection. Adam and Eve may have been perfect in communion with God directly within a special atemporal Garden, yet soon enough they fell ad were cast out into space-time and the standard four dimensions of creation-the implicit realm of original sin. Time and its grounding in relations to extra-standard four universal dimensions in extra smaller dimensions is a way of tying the local into the Universal-the finite or proximal forms into the monism of The One-through various degrees of physical protocol.

Time may in part be accountable for the appearance of virtual particles in space as well as for collateral phenomenal characteristics of quantum mechanics and quantum uncertainty. When time is reduced infinitely to a point such as in the appearance of virtual particles appearing momentarily in an expansion of space-time their appearance should logically be reciprocally brief with their mass-energy; the expansion of space from an initial and perhaps continuum underlying the present space-time surges past the location of an appearing virtual particle that must be in its own niche of relative space-time for itself perhaps derivative from an underlying Higgs Field. With one hypothetical dimension of time in the standard and evidently isotropic dimensions of space in the standard Universe one obviously must wonder if the principles of relativity accord and transition equally between all dimensions including those of anisotropic size/scale such as the somewhat separate and smaller dimensions of M-Theoretical spaces-/times.

The zero-dimensional membrane precursors of the expansion of this Universe were zero-point wave line into strings and then loops and particles eventually engaging methodically other expanding dimensions of classes similar and dissimilar as a divine protocol had decreed. In theory nothing smaller could have arisen than the zero-dimension branes, yet this world was a semblance of God’s will.

Zero dimension membranes entangled with uncertainty and in other virtual universes blessed temporality. This I knew that I had loved the epiphenomenality of life and that in some small way my love was given to be and become on her own in a new for-itself. Disengagement from temporality was seemingly an agony I would encounter as something needful as the mechanics of this world that I could not surpass nor become the origin of required.

Time as a fourth dimension was an arbitrary selection of number from a set paradigm relating a dissimilar function of being to three spatial dimensions posited to have the capacity to be without timing. Space-time unification as one dimensional whole divisible into parts as a parallel theological metaphor of the triune God moving upon the darkness of a primordial void was problematic; time may have as many discrete elements as arbitrary dimensions selected by M-Theory and other post standard model of quantum cosmology physical portraits of cosmological models of the Universe with a Pluralverse. The Multiverse is an infinite representation of the relationships of monism and pluralism to the one. A myriad of time dimensions could exist collaterally with space dimensions and the relations described by the Einstinian general theory of relativity; humanity within the phenomenalizing, expanding arrangements of the cosmos haven’t the time to discover perhaps the ultimate right place of time for-itself and for-others within the given parameters of the Universe; God transcends time for-himself, as do theoretical representations of how the universe expands through its past, present and future history depend upon an extra space-time detachment of timelessness in-themselves in order to represent abstractly the course of space and time post hyper-inflaton or zero-brane evolution into line segments of one dimensions, loops of two or more and multi-dimensional constructs of nth dimensions.

Time as a fourth dimension hasn’t much to do with hypothetical neurological constructs that some would exploit as arguments in support of atheism of course. Time seems an associated directed dimension of space, and that paradox supports the question of the equality of any given direction in flowing through and relating to any other given dimension. Atemporal or the non temporal is a perspective human beings can at least conceive of from within time, especially since time seems to be the order of flow of entropy or dissociation of materials from a monistic condition toward an infinitely divisible pluralism. Interestingly that flow toward pluralism is consistent with the Plotinian conception of the nature of The One and of the Intelligence in creating emanations giving rise to the Universe. It should be pointed out however that spirituality isn’t within the temporal a dualistic alternative to the material order; instead the material order utilized by the human mind in assemblies and structures pleasing to God is a qualitative relation of being. God is a live Person transcending any contingent human construction of explanation of the nature or substance of what exists universally. The spiritual is the live conscious intelligence human beings develop or receive in thinking about God and his ways. Unlike a plain meaningless order of existence of mass and energy right thinking about God in such a spiritual way relates directly to the Spirit of God-whom is omniscient, omnipotent and eternal preceding the order of existence of all dimensional characteristics of any contingent universal constructions of space-time.

“Einstein remarked that God does not play dice with the Universe, then Schroedinger’s wave function determined probabilities of quantum mechanical locations such as anachronistic electrons. A Universe cannot be entirely deterministic and predictably consistent with the existence of intelligence; intelligence can change the physics of pre-determined inertial outcomes. Even super-computers doing physical predictions of quantum cosmology would find their own computational work unable to change to account for the deterministic alterations intelligence can place into an inanimate and determinist physical cosmos. Computers would find their own quantum predictions encountering interference from their own self-generated predictions of what the deterministic pattern of the future universe would be thus effecting the probable shaping of the universe with a pattern of artificial intelligence.

Computational modeling of an expanding universe in quantum uncertainty itself has obvious challenges in structuring a universe that requires expansion for the actualization of uncertainty. Uncertainty is necessary for change and for time to exist in space. Time’s dimension interacting with spatial dimensions together creating uncertainty as a sort of analogous friction along interacting lines. When quantum computing becomes integrated into the Universe itself the computer modeling of itself would be false-a sort of false consciousness illusion. The Universe as a computer expanding to permit uncertainty could permit the Universe to be a sort of thinking machine for-itself, or at least the expression of someOne that thinks or has thought.