The Montauk Project

How interesting is this! A off-shoot of the Philadelphia Experiment, the Montauk Project was headed up and funded by an unknown source. Researchers theorise that the ‘anonymous source(s)’ were Nazis or even that it was funded by Nazi gold. However, that’s not the interesting part.

What’s interesting is what they were doing. They did experiments on time-travel where they used psychics to open up wormholes as no machine they could build could keep wormhole stable enough to pass through. One psychic, Stuart Swerdlow, was sent through to meet historical figures like Jesus. The purpose as to why remains vague.

They have also been said to change history in their travel whereby, according to Einstein, if you did change history instead of things in the present changing in accordance you create a break-off dimension where the new set of circumstances plays itself out. Once they discovered this, their experiments changed to include inter-dimensional travel.

Aliens became involved at some point and because of their knowledge of hyperspace they could monitor the comings and going of the Montauk experimenters and they didn’t like their methods, so instead of shutting down the entire operation, they decided to help them build more efficient equipment that involved the use of crystal technology.

The mysterious operators of this project, constructed a delta-T antenna built to control the minds of the young boys in Montauk. These boys were tortured, molested and beaten so that their minds became submissive to the operator’s will. They were sent through wormholes and some never returned.

Initially, survivors of the Philadelphia Experiment were used in the Montauk Project but in different bodies. They had to somehow ‘captured the essense’ of Duncan Cameron and transferr it into another body (a son that his parents had to have just for this cause) because his energy signature was imperative to the project, which also had something to do with his inherant psychic abilities.

In one of the experiments, they hooked Duncan up to some kind of thought amplifying machine and whatever he pictured would manifest. Duncan didn’t like the project and wanted no part of it and the only way he knew he could shut it down was to manifest a giant, evil, hungry monster that ended up destroying the base of operations before dispearring back into the realm of though.

This stuff is just too weird to be fiction. If you’re interested in more, look up the books by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon about Montauk.